real men dont use drugs to escape from problems

Real Men Don’t Use Drugs To Escape From Problems

Last Updated on April 13, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

‘You will come to see that any behavior pattern based upon the avoidance of pain becomes a doorway to the pain itself.’ – Michael Singer

Today, many men use drugs when experiencing romantic breakups, financial difficulties, family issues, etc. In other words, men use drugs to escape from their problems. Men have become weak; we believe escaping reality through drugs is the best way to deal with difficulty.

Many drugs cause dopamine to flood the reward pathway, resulting in a euphoric feeling, a sense of relaxation, and, generally, an altered perception of reality. This perception enables some men to forget their problems or ignore them. For this reason, they seldom solve their problems, allowing them to accumulate and cause more stress, which forces them to use more drugs to attain the euphoric feeling that enables them to ignore the accumulated problems.

Such men are weak. I was once this type of man, but I decided to stop using drugs to escape from reality. I have used drugs for eight years and noticed that I only solve my problems when sober. I also realized that drugs prevent me from overcoming difficulties, making me experience them for a long period.

Primarily, I noticed that drugs cause other problems on top of the problems I had in the first place; they have led to digestive disorders, social anxiety, addiction, and low productivity.

Recently, I decided to be a real man. I decided to quit my best drug – marijuana – and face my problems head-on. I realized that real men don’t use drugs to escape reality. They face reality confidently, knowing that the best way to run away from a problem is to solve it. They engage in open conversations with friends and family, actively involving them in finding solutions to their concerns.

They know their infinite power within them can overcome any problem, and they have faith in their ability to solve their problems.

Real men are wise; they know that problems are a blessing in disguise. Instead of running away from them, they take a break from their daily routine, take a walk in nature, or meditate, knowing that a calm mind has a solution for every problem.

Real men know that how they view a situation determines whether they will perceive it as a problem or not. They adopt a positive perception towards problems, believing that overcoming them makes them mentally stronger with pearls of wisdom to share.

Let’s become real men by avoiding drugs when facing difficulties. Instead of smoking when experiencing a traumatic event, let’s talk to someone or read inspirational quotes that will inspire a positive attitude.  

Most importantly, let’s embrace a spiritual practice such as meditation, contemplation or prayer to improve our ability to manage stress and face our problems head-on. Lastly, let’s remind ourselves constantly that no problem is too big for us because we are one with the infinite power that created the world.

‘If you want to grow and be free to explore life, you cannot spend your life avoiding the myriad things that might hurt your heart or mind.’ – Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul

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