Remember This When Reading Personal/Spiritual Development Books/Articles

Remember This When Reading Personal/Spiritual Development Books/Articles

Last Updated on June 15, 2024 by The Unbounded Thinker

Most of us love reading every piece of advice we find on the internet; we also love reading books, believing we’ll experience quick progress after consuming lots of information on our topic of interest. Reading books and articles is an amazing thing for us to do; however, there is one thing we must realize about the content we read.

As a blogger, I have realized that my perspectives on various ideas change as I grow. For instance, I once supported daily marijuana use, but I later discovered that marijuana must only be consumed occasionally. I also believed god is a separate being, but I now know that god and I are one.

My life experience has changed my opinions on several factors. Therefore, I have deleted some of the articles I wrote in the past; i don’t agree with them anymore. This realization enlightened me that most personal development bloggers or authors experience a change in their beliefs and they might not support previous ideas.

For instance, Joshua Harris, An American Author, regrets writing the book, ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye.’ He recently said that he does not agree with the book’s primary idea anymore. He now believes people can date before marriage and has promised to stop publishing the book.

While reading personal/spiritual development content, don’t perceive the ideas as fundamental truths. Realize that the authors are human beings with limited consciousness, making them prone to error. Just read for fun or read to understand other people’s perspectives: don’t implement advice straightaway because it is usually based on limited knowledge/information.

The biggest mistake we – personal/spiritual development enthusiasts – make is believing everything we read. We post the content we read on our social media platforms, thinking we are sharing valuable nuggets of wisdom because a famous author wrote them. Little do we know that most of these authors are not experts in their fields. They are just sharing the knowledge they have gained at that particular time, and they might adopt different belief systems in the future.

I believe there is helpful content on the internet and in the books we read. Most information I have read from online articles and books has been helpful to me. I, therefore, do not discourage you from reading personal/spiritual development books and articles. I just don’t want you to think all the information you read is true and reliable for progress.

Most writers’ content is stolen. People seldom write intuitive information. They steal content and use their writing skills to make their content appear original. Be warned.

Always read because reading exercises the brain and exposes you to helpful information. However, realize that not all information is reliable and truthful. The most reliable source of information for spiritual/personal development is intuition and your personal experiences.

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