Riding on Grace

Riding On Grace – A Poem

Last Updated on July 25, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

N/B I wrote this poem “Riding on Grace” after reflecting on my life and realizing that divine favour always saves me from my troubles.

Once I was a sad lad,

Angry at life and always mad,

My heart was full of fear,

And my mind was seldom clear,

I wanted my end to near,

In my soul there was no cheer,

I then drowned in liquor,

But it made me sicker,

I tried the weed,

But it never met my need,.

And then I found grace,

And my mind stopped its race,

Grace led to peace,

And a sense of inner bliss,

Sometimes I have more,

Other times I suffer more,

But I’m always at peace,

And my mind at ease

Because I dwell on a leaf,

That is riding on grace.

My journey is peaceful,

And my endeavors are fruitful.

My mind is full of wisdom,

And my heart harbors god’s kingdom,

Although I’m in a dark valley,

I know Grace is my ally

As I calmly sit on the leaf,

That is riding on grace.

I don’t fear the storms,

And raging waves of all forms,

I face danger,

Fearless like a ranger,

Deep within am still,

No fear I feel,

Because I live in a world

That is riding on grace

In my life every phase,

Reveals divine grace,

Each of my steps,

Is guided by grace,

I was born in grace,

I will die in grace,

And in this moment,

My heart is free from torment,

Because I live in a world,

That is riding on grace


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