Semen retention and psychism

Semen Retention and Psychism

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This article is a summary of C.J. Van Vliet’s book, The Coiled Serpent

 “The sexual appetite, unlike hunger or thirst, can be reduced to a more or less quiescent state which, far from injuring, may benefit the physical and psychic vigor generally” – Havelock Ellis: Studies in the Psychology of Sex.

Every human has latent powers that can enable them to attain knowledge of higher worlds and realize that supernatural occurrences are natural. The sexual perversions of the human race have rendered these powers dormant, making it impossible for us to respond to spiritual vibrations. C.J. Van Vliet writes,

“Every chance for the development of a safe and reliable higher psychism is thereby lost, because the soul suffocated with the body and with lust cannot see any spiritual things. The real world is not to be entered by those whom the body binds to its caprices.” – C.J. Van Vliet, The Coiled Serpent

Psychism is highly connected to physiological purity. For this reason, our higher transcendental perceptions mostly emerge when we abstain from sex.

Those who awaken their psychic forces despite not abstaining from sex usually activate an unreliable and unsafe form of psychism. Safe psychism only arises after the casting out of every element that might still respond to sensual vibrations. It demands the influence of pure spiritual forces, which only emerge when we free ourselves from sex addiction.

The notion that individuals can awaken their spiritual powers through unreproductive coition is false. It arises from the emotional exuberance sexual intercourse causes, which people mistake for spiritual ecstasy. This idea is a dangerous lie that impedes spiritual growth because,

 “no act of self-indulgence can awaken a spiritual response. Every attempt to link a physical expression of the lower centers with superphysical experiences can at most result in the development of a psychism of a deceptive and dangerous order.”

Sexual indulgence lowers the quality of psychic forces that awaken within an individual, resulting in psychic powers that are difficult to control.

On the other hand, sexual abstinence and a strong desire for a spiritual life ensure pure psychism, mainly characterized by powerful psychic abilities.

The serpent power arises into activity when an individual embraces semen retention. This power penetrates all the psychic nerve centers until it reaches the thousand-petalled lotus in the brain, giving rise to powerful psychic forces.

“The central object of all self-mastery is first to overcome the dragon (the sexual force). When the dragon is conquered a valuable treasure, namely an enormous psychic energy, is liberated. With this energy it becomes possible to climb toward the highest peaks of human and of superhuman attainment.”- C.J. Van Vliet, The Coiled Serpent

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