Semen Retention and Your Life-Force Energy

Semen Retention and Your Life-Force Energy

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The ancient wisdom surrounding the practice of semen retention all speaks of a life energy that exists in your body, and it is often believed to be particularly concentrated in semen. That’s not necessarily surprising, considering the role that semen plays in the creation of life – Joseph Peterson, Semen Retention Miracle.

The life-force energy is present in all living things. It is the creative energy responsible for all bodily functions. Without it, everything dies. We are one with this force. This is why when the force cannot express itself fully in the body, we leave the body, resulting in death. Many ancient societies used this force for magical purposes, and they believed God used it to create life.

The serpent symbolized the life-force energy in ancient spirituality. The ancients believed avoiding sex allowed the serpent to move from the base of the spine to the brain, leading to divine bliss, creativity, and magical abilities.

The halo symbol of holiness, represented by a circle of light around the head of ancient spiritual masters, symbolized this effect of an arisen serpent.

Therefore, the ancients implied that the life force energy only rises when we avoid ejaculation. For this reason, they believed that sexual intercourse and masturbation drain it and prevent this energy from rising by ensuring that it stays at the base of the spine. According to the ancients, when you have sex or masturbate, the body allows the energy to leave, thinking that you are using it to create life.

I also learned from the ancients that expending this energy on sex and masturbation results in loss of vitality. From time immemorial, athletes have understood this; they have always known that ejaculation depletes the life-force energy, making them weaker. Thus, they avoided sex a few weeks or months before a sport event.

Many people agree that Mike Tyson was a powerful boxer because he let the life-force energy build-up by abstaining from sex for five years.

Anyway,  the fact that some male creatures die or faint after mating also proves that ejaculation depletes the life-force energy.

In humans, the depletion of the life-energy is dangerous. There are many cases of men who died after sex or masturbating several times. Mostly, expending the life-energy on sex causes a slow death in humans. It weakens the immune system and makes men vulnerable to diseases. Wasting sexual energy through excess masturbation and sex also makes men spiritually weak. The wastage impedes spiritual progress by preventing the life-force energy from rising and powering the seven chakras.

Moreover, the wastage prevents high creativity levels. The life-force energy is creative, thus, when it does not create a child, it makes us more creative. This explains why most of the world’s famous geniuses were virgins.

We should, therefore, retain our semen occasionally to let the life-force energy build up inside us. More life force energy will guarantee fast spiritual growth, a strong immune system, increased magnetism, and high levels of creativity, transforming us into gods among men.


‘The life-force must be conserved and guarded, it must not be dissipated in the uncontrolled tempests of passion and emotion. These carry away the life-force, as the winds carry away the autumn leaves. The life-force must never be consumed by flames of desires generating in the flesh. Unhealthy or abnormal desires, like wood ants, burrow into the minds of men and breed there, eating away their reasoning powers and wisdom. From such desires arises a noxious cloud of vapour which, having overcome reason and wisdom, smothers the soul-spirit in darkness. Therefore, be masters and directors of your desires.’ – The Kolbrin Bible

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