semen retention is not the ultimate solution

Semen Retention Is Not The Ultimate Solution

Last Updated on October 26, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

Semen retention is beneficial. It boosts confidence, enhances your risk-taking abilities, and hastens spiritual growth. However, it is not the ultimate solution to all your problems. Many bloggers exaggerate semen retention benefits, making people believe that all their problems will go away when they retain their semen.

I practiced semen retention for 18 months and I agree that it is highly beneficial. The benefits I experienced included feeling happy for no reason, high motivation, and increased mental clarity. Nevertheless, I noticed that semen retention is not a solution to every problem. It is just a booster.

Semen retention is like a protein shake. Protein shakes promote muscle growth and help weight lifters gain weight easily and efficiently. Protein shakes do not lift weights for weight lifters.

Weightlifters must lift weights to experience protein shakes’ benefits. They have to force themselves to lift weights even when they don’t feel like exercising. All weightlifters know that they will not experience protein shakes’ benefits if they don’t lift weights.

Similarly, semen retention will improve your life, but it will not do everything for you. It will not solve all your problems on your behalf. It will give you the mental clarity required for solving problems, but you’ll still have to think critically when experiencing a problem. Semen retention will not think for you.

Semen retention will make you creative, but you must put your creative ideas into action. For instance, if you are a writer, semen retention will give you many ideas but you will be responsible for transforming them into written word. Thus, you must focus on action and avoid getting lost in the creative thinking that accompanies semen retention.

Semen retention is vital to spiritual growth because it allows you to rise above animal consciousness, enabling you to see beyond the illusion of matter. It promotes spiritual inspiration by freeing the soul from intense body consciousness. This does not imply that you’ll have to avoid spiritual practices such as, meditation, contemplation, prayer, or yoga while retaining. In fact, you’ll have to embrace such spiritual practices to hasten the spiritual growth that comes with semen retention.

In summary, semen retention does not solve all your problems and improve everything instantly. It is just a booster. I have noticed that many people joining the semen retention challenge expect their lives to change despite not working on themselves.

They retain their seed but they do not commit to self-development and they expect semen retention to change their lives. If you are one of these people, you must realize that semen retention will not change much if you don’t change.

Semen retention has many benefits. It will boost your energy levels, enable present-moment awareness, increase your personal magnetism, and lead to clarity of thought. You’ll have to use these benefits to your advantage. Don’t wait for them to change your life.


The ultimate solution is to all your problems is change your thoughts and habits.” – Unbounded Wisdom

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