Seven Ways Awaken Your True Nature According to Philosophy and Religion

Seven Ways To Awaken To Your True Nature According to Philosophy and Religion

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After studying the ideas of some of the greatest philosophers and various religions, including Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism, I realized that they encourage us to embark on a journey of realizing our true nature, and they all promote the following ways as the methods of awakening to our true nature.

  • Contemplation

All religions and spiritual philosophers claim that contemplating spiritual ideas such as the soul, heaven, nirvana, astral projection, the dream world, divine entities, and God enables us to awaken to our true nature by reducing our focus on the material world and connecting us with the divine aspects of reality.

They all believe you awaken to your true nature if you go with the flow of life by embracing the present moment and accepting whatever happens to you. They believe you’ll know who you really are if you surrender control, detach from outcomes and trust the timing in which things happen.

Some people believe the concept of going with the flow of life means passivity. They are wrong because this concept primarily encourages you to focus on what you can control and release attachment to what is beyond your influence.

Religions and spiritual philosophers teach that going with the flow of life awakens you to your true nature by causing stillness.

  • Stillness

All religions and spiritual philosophers encourage us to strive to attain stillness, which is a state of inner quietude that accompanies a calm mind and a heart that does not harbor hate and anger.

Stillness, according to spiritual philosophers, awakens you to your true nature by attuning you to your inner wisdom and allowing you to connect with your innermost being.

It is commonly agreed among religious organizations that you attain stillness through meditation, contemplation, or living a prayerful life.

  • Reduce Attachment to Material Possessions

Religious and spiritual philosophies are not against having material possessions: they only discourage over-attachment to possessions, claiming that excessive attachment prevents an awakening by reinforcing the ego’s sense of identity and preventing stillness when the possessions are threatened.

  • Avoid Over-indulging in Sex

All religions and spiritual philosophers discourage too much sex and promote the idea that sex is designed for procreation. The general idea is that excessive sexual intercourse prevents an awakening of the true self, which is spiritual in nature, by binding you to the material/animal world and reinforcing animal consciousness.

  • Good Works

Spiritual or religious philosophy encourages good works involving acts of kindness, generosity, and compassion, claiming that they awaken you to your true nature by enabling you to cultivate qualities that resonate with your innermost essence. Besides, good acts are believed to awaken you to your true nature by resulting in an expanded consciousness that helps you transcend the illusion of separateness.

  • Reading Spiritual Books

Religious leaders and philosophers across the world encourage the reading of spiritual books such as the Bible, Tao Te Ching, Samyutta Nikaya, and many others.

Spiritual books contain phrases such as, “My heavenly father and I are one”, that make you realize that you have a true self besides the physical self. Such statements can lead to an awakening by instilling a desire to explore your inner nature.


The aforementioned methods are the most agreed ways of awakening to your true nature. Give them a try and see what happens. By the way, you can also awaken to your true nature through other methods such as creativity, fasting, solitude, sobriety, and ritualism. The choice is yours.


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