Six Uplifting Facts to Remember When You Are Going Through Hardships

Six Uplifting Facts to Remember When You Are Going Through Hardships

Last Updated on September 20, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

Most of us understand that hardships are part of life and necessary for growth as they help us pinpoint our weaknesses and know our hidden powers.

Despite this knowledge, it’s easy to get frustrated when going through a rough patch because our mind loves focusing on the negative side of hardships. For this reason, I’d love to share with you six uplifting facts to remember during hard times so that you avoid focusing on the negative.

1.You Are An Extension of Infinite Intelligence/God

During hard times, remember that you are part of Infinite Intelligence because this intelligence created everything from itself. Then know that no difficulty has power over you because all the properties of Infinite Intelligence exist within you.

‘You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in the drop.’ – Rumi

2.Things Are Always Changing

During hard times, realize that your difficulties will not last forever because things are always changing. Remember how your past difficulties came and went, and know that your current difficulties will also disappear as time passes.

‘This Too Shall Pass.’ – Persian Sufi Poet

3.You Are an Intuitive Being

Realize that you are an intuitive being with intuitive powers. Know that your intuition provides a gateway to inner wisdom, which can help you overcome difficulties.

N/B – You have to relax your mind to awaken your intuitive powers.

4.How You Perceive Your Hardships Matters

Remember that your perception of your difficulties matters. You’ll be depressed if you see the hard times as life’s way of showing you that you don’t deserve good things, and you’ll embrace the hard times and quickly overcome them if you believe they’ll awaken your hidden powers and make you stronger.

5.You Are Surrounded By Infinite Intelligence/God

Know that you are surrounded by Infinite Intelligence because the world is a physical representation of this intelligence. Understand that Infinite Intelligence exists everywhere and in everything. It exists in the water, air, dogs, cats, rats, and so on because it created everything from itself. Realize that this intelligence can solve your problems if you trust it and allow it to guide you.

6.Many People Are Experiencing Hardships

Knowing that many people are facing hardships reminds you that hard times are part of life. We often become depressed during hard times because social media platforms deceive us into believing that difficulties are uncommon since everybody else is having a good time.


Life has taught me that hardships are part of life and what we think during hardships matters. You must meditate on the above facts if you are going through a rough patch, and your perception towards your hardships will change. Lastly, think higher thoughts and know that your hardships are nothing compared to what you are.

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