Surrender: A Powerful Approach to Life

Surrender: A Powerful Approach to Life

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Surrender is a journey from outer turmoil to inner peace.⁠ –Sri Chinmoy⁠ 

Most of us are stressed. We worry so much that we seldom relax and enjoy the present moment. We focus so much on making the future better and getting ahead of others. We want to control life, we want everything to go our way. Thus, our lives feel unbearable when we realize that we can’t control everything. We then turn to drugs, alcohol, movies, sex, and romantic relationships, to help us forget our troubles. However, nothing changes, and our troubles never leave us.

We fail to realize that we’ll live better lives if we surrender to life.

Although we control our reality to some extent, we have to know that life is also controlled by a force more powerful than us. You can call this force nature, Allah, Tao, God, universe, life-force, or whatever you want. We have to surrender and let this force do what it wants with our lives.

It does as it wants, and it will always do what it has always done. It designed laws that govern life on earth, and nothing and no one can change them. This force lives within and without us. It is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Our intelligence is stupidity when compared to its intelligence. Our wisdom is foolishness in ‘its eyes.’ It understands life better than us because it is the source of life.

It can make your life harder – even when you think positively and pray every day – to help you grow spiritually and mentally. It can make pessimists and lazy people rich suddenly, even if society thinks they don’t deserve a good life. It is the ruler of life: it can do whatever it wants with life.

If you resist life circumstances, you will always be out of alignment with it, and sadness, frustration, and anger will always accompany you.

You get in tune with the life-force, God, universe, when you surrender: when you welcome all life circumstances and trust its intelligence. This approach to life will make you happier and more fulfilled.

You are a finite being living in a world governed by an all-knowing infinite entity. What you think might be bad for you might actually be good, and what you think is good might make your life harder. Go with the flow of life, and peace and happiness will be your best friends. Control whatever you can – your thoughts, character, perception, and actions – and ignore what is beyond your control.

Surrender and realize that everything is temporary. Don’t take anything seriously. You came with nothing, and you’ll leave with nothing. You are just a visitor on earth. In a few years, you’ll be gone. Believe in yourself, detach yourself from everything, and learn to be an observer. When good things come, enjoy. When bad things come, toughen up, knowing that nothing earthly can be too hard for you because you are a spiritual being in a human body.

May Peace Be With You

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