the biggest lie about negative thinking

The Biggest Lie about Negative Thinking

Last Updated on June 16, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

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If you study the modern world deeply, you’ll notice the existence of a ruling power that popularizes lies that determine our approach towards life. One of these lies is the idea that humans are biologically predisposed toward negative thinking.

This lie is founded on the argument that we think negatively because we lived in constant fear of being attacked by wild animals.

This argument is founded on a lie. Ancient people were not afraid of wild animals. They bravely went into forests and attacked lions, tigers, jaguars, and many other dangerous animals because killing them was a sign of bravery. For instance, the Maasai in Kenya were ferocious lion killers. They easily killed lions and stole their meals. Lions ran away when they saw Maasai warriors. The warriors had to frustrate lions – with noises – to encourage them to attack them so that they kill them.

(Watch these videos to see how the Maasai easily killed lions and how Modern Maasais can take food from a lion pride easily)

Ancient men never lived in constant fear of wild animals. Instead, they enjoyed hunting and killing them. Thus, it is wrong to argue that we always think negatively because our ancestors lived in constant fear of being attacked by wild animals.

After analyzing my tendency to focus on the negative, I realized that most people are like me because we are conditioned to think logically.

School and mainstream science encourage us to rely on facts and reason when thinking. We are taught that spiritual factors such as magic, faith, and miracles are superstitious and unreasonable.

Therefore, we cannot believe that our lives can change in an instant in a positive way because such an occurrence seems illogical. We can’t trust life and believe a Higher Power is arranging things in our favor because we think very logically. We avoid prayer because school and mainstream science cannot prove how it works.

Logic encourages us to think in alignment with our present circumstances. Thus, when thinking about the future, we can’t embrace positive thinking – when things are tough – because it appears unrealistic.

Studying the disastrous impact of constant negative thinking on our creativity, mental, and physical health enlightened me that we are not designed to think negatively. Whatever created the world is obsessed with the continuation of all species, including humans. Thus, it cannot design us to think in a way that hurts our health and decreases our chances of survival.

Negative thinking isn’t always a bad thing because it encourages us to take precautions. For instance, thinking about wild animal attacks can encourage communities living around forests to build fences. The fear of losing our jobs can encourage us to save money and start a side business. Thus, negative thinking is useful to some extent. However, dwelling on negative thoughts is harmful. Many doctors reveal that the primary cause of disease is stress, which occurs when people dwell on negative thoughts.

To conclude, negative thinking is useful, but we were not designed to dwell on it. We dwell on negative thoughts because modern society is designed to promote negative thinking.


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  1. Negative thinking is always my opportunity to turn it around to the magical, the miraculous and the mystical!