The Bright Side of Being Ugly: An Inspiring Read for the Citizens of the Ugly Nation

The Bright Side of Being Ugly

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I am ugly and I know what ugly people experience in a society that worships beauty. Most ugly people, especially young ugly individuals, experience discrimination in social settings just because their physical features don’t align with the features the media promotes.

It’s thus easy for ugly people to succumb to depression because we feel unwanted and the media makes us believe that something is wrong with us.  We sometimes hate ourselves and wonder why the universe gave us unattractive facial features. Little do we know that there is a bright side of being ugly.

I noticed this side while pondering my ugliness. I realized that although I have experienced discrimination in social events, being ugly has really worked to my advantage. In this article, I will reveal how being ugly worked for me and why it can work for you.


Part 1

My Experience with Ugliness and the Lie about Ugliness

I am a short dark ugly guy with a big head and protruding teeth. When I was a teenager, the people who love me, especially my mom, tried convincing me that I am handsome. However, I knew I wasn’t handsome since many girls, particularly pretty girls, rejected me because of my appearance. When I attended parties, I ended up with unattractive girls since the attractive ones chose my handsome friends. Sometimes, I ended up alone in parties while my friends got girls easily because they were attractive. It was so hard for me to attract a girl. The main girls I attracted were those that knew my personality.

Besides, I was teased in school because of my appearance. People loved reminding me of how ugly I looked, and one girl, that I’ll never forget, told me straight to my face that she hates me because I am ugly. These experiences killed my confidence in my appearance.

I tried gaining confidence by reading self-help books that console people that everyone is beautiful in God’s eyes, and therefore, being ugly doesn’t matter. However, I knew that being ugly matters since all members of the ugly nation have experienced discrimination because of their facial appearance. Some members, particularly ladies, have been denied job opportunities because they are ugly.

Anyway, although The Creator/God loves us all, he knows the difference between ugly and beautiful because he purposefully created ‘ugly things’ so that we appreciate ‘beautiful things.’ For this reason, although we might be equal in the Creator’s eyes, he probably knows that some of us are ugly while others are beautiful.

Part 2

Pondering my Ugliness

While thinking deeply about my ugliness and how it makes me appear disgusting to some ladies, I discovered that there was no need to worry about my looks because having bad looks had advantages that I didn’t realize.

I realized this after noticing that everything in nature has its advantages and disadvantages. The cheetah is fast, but it’s too weak to protect itself from hyenas, leopards, and lions, which mostly steal its food and kill its cubs. At the same time, the tortoise is slow, but it has a hard shell that protects it from harsh weather and predators.

These facts about nature enabled me to realize that although being attractive has many advantages, it’s also disadvantageous. It’s hard for a highly attractive person to know whether people love him/her for his/her looks or character. Attractive people are also obsessed with their appearance and they worry whether they will stay attractive for long.

With these facts in mind, I realized that there had to be an advantage of being ugly because nature/the universe/the creator/God ensured that everything has its good and bad side.

I then thought deeply about my life and I realized that being ugly has helped me a lot. For instance, it resulted in a loss of interest in partying because I realized that I always went home alone. Furthermore, I lost interest in dating apps because I believed no one would love me, and I stopped wasting time chasing girls because I knew they would reject me. I just dated those who loved me the way I am and stopped forcing girls to like me.

Part 3

The Bright Side of Being Ugly

Losing interest in the aforementioned things forced me to focus on what mattered. As a result, I passed all my University and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exams. I also managed to read over 400 non-fiction books, start this blog, and write over 350 articles within 2 years. My blog has enabled me to meet amazing friends, and I have learned a lot from the books.

For instance, the books have enlightened me about The Illuminati, lucid dreaming and the existence of a field of consciousness with information about the past, present, and the future, which we can access. Moreover, they have enabled me to realize that there are many worlds besides the physical world.

By the way, having more free time as a result of being ugly also enabled me to have more alone time.

While alone, I meditate, contemplate life, and write down my thoughts. I’ve gained a lot from these practices. Meditation has improved my creative abilities and contemplating life has enabled me to adopt a positive attitude towards life.

In addition, being ugly has prevented me from getting into meaningless relationships. Recently, I realized that most of the girls that rejected me because of my looks were not the right people for me, and I would have made a big mistake if I married them because they seldom bother about personal and spiritual development: most of them are only concerned with appearing beautiful and living a normal life.

I also save money because of my looks. I never shower every lady with gifts because I know I will not attract them. 

For these reasons, I realized that ugliness has been a big blessing to me. It has prevented me from participating in meaningless activities, allowing me to use my time wisely.

Part 4

Being Ugly Can Work For You

If you are an ugly person reading this article, here’s good advice I can give you. Stop forcing people – who hate your appearance – to love you, stop chasing men/women because the right person will come at the right time, and stop attending night clubs expecting to get laid.

If you stop doing all the above things, you will have more time to work on your dreams. You will have ample time to improve your skills and become a master in your field. Becoming a master in your field will result in many people demanding your skills and they won’t care about your looks. There are many ugly actors, writers, musicians, managers, who are highly demanded because they are highly skilled.


Stop thinking that you are not blessed because you have bad looks, and stop resenting attractive people. Remember, they will also get uglier as they get older.

Realize that attractive people get so much attention that some of them never find time to work on their dreams. Recently, I noticed that the phones of superhot ladies are always ringing, and for this reason, they spend more time answering calls than pursuing their goals.

This doesn’t imply that being ugly is better than being attractive, it just shows that being so good looking, similar to being ugly, has disadvantages that impede progress.

To conclude, realize that although you are a top member of the ugly nation, you can use your looks to your advantage. If few people want to spend time with you, then spend more time with your skills because people will demand your skills and they will be willing to pay a high price for them. And many superhot guys or ladies will be attracted to you because your skills will make you attractive and – if you are lucky – rich.


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  1. What a poignant post! A lot of what you said can apply to people who are overweight, too, like me. But, I am pretty sure I have seen your face clearly, and if so then you are not ugly! But also, the women who are meant for you, will find you attractive. I find that people become more beautiful to me the longer I know them and the closer we are, even when we are just friends. And I don’t mean it’s because of who they are inside, I mean that they seem more physically beautiful to me. There is no way that doesn’t already happen to you, but you may not know it. On the other hand, I think young people – especially young people of color – should be focused on securing a future for themselves, anyway, no matter what they look like, and once that is one, they can pay more attention to finding the right person. Congratulations on everything you have accomplished! I am glad to know you.

    • thanks alot…and by the way, i agree that people seem more physicaly beautiful the closer we are, and that’s y we seldom consider our relatives or friends as ugly. However, appearence really matters when you meet people for the first time, especially the opposite sex. Many members of the opposite sex (both male and female) usually judge people according to their facial appearence, especially in social settings.