powerful effects of giving

The Four Powerful Effects of Giving

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After studying the world’s major religions, it dawned on me that they all support giving.

Besides this, I realized that many Great People encourage us to give.

I, therefore, extensively researched why we are encouraged to give and found that:

  1. We Identify With The Creator Through Giving  – Micheal Laitman – The Kaballah Revealed

According to Micheal Laitman, something within us turns outwards when we give and makes us identify with The Creator. He also teaches that when we give, we realize that God is the Giver of everything we have.

‘If all we want is to receive, then we can’t relate with The Giver because there’s nothing that turns outwardly to see where the reception is coming from.’ – Micheal Laitman: The Kaballah Revealed

  1. Life Supports Givers – Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins believes life supports givers because they improve its quality. He teaches that life gives givers strength when they are exhausted, thus motivating them to do more. For this reason, he believes givers are productive, and they usually have creative solutions to problems.

  1. Giving Makes You a Home of God’s Grace – Sadhguru

Sadhguru believes generosity enables The Divine’s/God’s grace to dwell in you because when you open your heart to give, you allow The Divine’s grace to enter within you.

He teaches that you become happy and attain a state of union with The Creator when you become a home to ‘his’ grace.

Check out Sadhguru’s talk on giving.

  1. Giving Protects You From Calamity – Yasmin Mogahed

Yasmin Mogahed believes giving encourages God to protect you from calamity because God loves givers.  She also thinks giving protects us from disasters because it makes the ‘heavens’ to show mercy on us.

Just before I studied giving, I realized that people who give a lot tend to live more peacefully and longer than selfish individuals. Therefore, I firmly support Yasmin Mogahed’s belief.

Be merciful to the Creation, and Allah will show mercy to you – Yasmin Mogahed

*Check out Yasmin Mogahed’s talk on generosity.

Concluding Remarks

I trust that there are many more effects of giving. Therefore, I welcome you to share your ideas about giving in the comment box below.

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