The Four Stages of Semen Retention

The Four Stages of Semen Retention

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After contemplating my semen retention journey and that of other retainers, I noticed that semen retention has four main stages that you must progress through.

These stages of semen retention are;

1. Excitement

The first stage of semen retention is excitement, which occurs within the first 30 days of retaining your seed. After learning about the benefits of semen retention, you start retaining your seed and you become very excited because you are eager to experience the popularized benefits, believing that they will change your life.

The excitement later intensifies as you experience benefits like stiff erections and high energy levels that make you realize that semen retention is not purely theoretical.

In this stage, I experienced an increased present-moment awareness and gained the confidence to approach women. This made me very excited.

By the way, you might experience different benefits at this stage.

2. Experiencing common benefits

Of the four stages of semen retention, this stage, which starts from day 30 to 150, has the highest number of benefits. In this stage, retainers ascertain that semen retention is truly beneficial, and they experience benefits that make them believe that they will retain their seed forever.

The common benefits experienced include high self-esteem, clarity of mind, female attraction, optimism, enhanced physical performance, better concentration, better discipline, reduced risk of sexual dysfunction, increased muscle mass, and high productivity.

I experienced these benefits and many others, such as child-like curiosity, I required less sleep, I had vivid dreams, I felt happy for no reason, and I felt as if I was seeing some places for the first time. (Check out my article, What I Experienced During My 90-Day Semen Retention Challenge, for more details).

3. Experiencing unpopular benefits

The third stage of semen retention starts from around the 6th to 14th month of retaining one’s seed. Here, retainers experience unpopular benefits of semen retention such as improved hair quality, gaining a better understanding of the philosophical concepts that they have read before, an increased desire for solitude, a deep connection with others, social magnetism, improved physical health, great emotional stability, a strong sense of compassion, and a deep voice.

Some retainers claim to experience the spiritual impacts of semen retention, which include the opening of the third eye chakra, a feeling of oneness when meditating, and strange dreams.

I also experienced various uncommon effects of semen retention. Particularly, I had an out-of-body experience after retaining for about 400 days. My dreams became vivid and a number of them were lucid. I also had a heightened awareness of my spirit-self and the need to surrender to the flow of life increased.

4. The Ultimate Realization

After a year and a half or more of retaining, retainers come to the ultimate realization that semen retention benefits are not life-changing if they don’t change. In other words, retainers realize that although semen retention is highly beneficial, it is not the ultimate solution. They discover that growth in any field requires persistence, hard work, and grace. They notice that retaining while doing nothing to improve their lives will not bring great changes in their life.

Many retainers relapse when they reach this stage and decide to change their lives using hard work and self-discipline rather than retaining. The good thing is that even after relapsing, they have control over their sexual urges because their interest in women, masturbation, and porn reduces. This makes it easier for them to focus on their goals.

Of the stages of semen retention, I believe this is the best stage as it enabled me to realize that semen retention is just a booster. I discovered that semen retention benefits must be combined with other factors such as spiritual exercise, virtue, and hard work for them to become life-changing.

I also relapsed after realizing that I didn’t want to retain my seed for life because I might need a wife and kids in the future. But although I relapsed, I don’t think about sex all the time and the urge to constantly masturbate and watch porn reduced.

Concluding remarks

If you retain your semen, you will experience these stages of semen retention in order. The timing of each stage might differ, but you will progress through each phase.

I wish you the best on your retention journey.


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