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The Modern Society and Its Lost Connection to the Spiritual World




Many ancient societies believed in the existence of the spiritual world.

For instance, ancient African cultures claimed the spiritual world existed and they believed spirits influenced people’s health and material success. They thus offered sacrifices to spirits to make them happy. Ancient North Americans believed in spiritual entities and claimed they descended from the spiritual world and could interact with human beings.

Ancient Arabians believed in the existence of the Djinns, which were spiritual beings that could be both good and evil. They believed the Djinns could shapeshift and perform human activities such as eating or sleeping. 

It could be impossible to convince the ancients that spirits were a product of hallucinations because they firmly believed that spiritual beings existed.

Conversely, most people in the modern world don’t believe in the spiritual world. Our mechanistic view of the world encourages us to think that the physical world is all that is. Primarily, the fact that most of us have never come into contact with spirits or ghosts has forced us to doubt their existence.

But are we right?

We are wrong because the spiritual world exists and most of us can’t see spirits because the modern society lost its connection to the spirit world. We focus so much on the material world and for this reason, our level of consciousness is too low for us to perceive the spiritual world.

We are unaware that practices such as shamanism can alter our consciousness and enable us to perceive the spiritual world and even ask for guidance from good spirits. Most ancient societies were able to gain knowledge and healing powers from the spiritual world because they practiced shamanism. The modern society has been brainwashed to believe such practices are a form of madness and ghosts/spirits are hallucinations.

The society is unaware that some contemporary scientists and researchers support the possibility of the existence of spirits/ghosts. For instance, Marie D. Jones, a researcher, wrote, ‘ghosts/spirits may be the result of the synching of particles and matter between various levels of existence creating a literal means for moving between dimensions of reality.’ She also thought that ‘ghosts might be a form of trapped energy between parallel dimensions or universes.’ This explanation is similar to the ancient idea that ghosts/spirits are dead people trapped in the physical world.

Ghosts/spirits, or whatever you call them, exist, and it’s true they can guide us when necessary. The modern society will realize this if it becomes open-minded and conscious of the fact that the physical world came from the spiritual realm.

The society must strive to comprehend the spiritual world because it is the secret to attaining higher wisdom and knowledge that can allow us to live in higher dimensions where there is only pure joy and love. We have to regain our lost connection to the spiritual realm.

‘In our egoic quest for external gratification, we have cut ourselves of from the knowledge of the inner world/Spiritual World, our connection to Akasha and the wisdom source.’ – Inner, Outer World Part 3


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  1. Kathleen Gage

    April 3, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    Wow! Wonderful post and yes, there are spirits. It’s about tuning in and getting quiet enough to experience what the truth is. Very nicely done.

  2. swanstuff

    April 3, 2019 at 7:20 pm

    I don’t believe in ghosts (I don’t think spirits get lost on the way to their reward or… the other thing). Having said that, I do believe in the spiritual realm. I’ve always found it interesting the sacrifice was common to most ancient religions. I think it’s a spirit’s awareness of Jesus Christ. Just saying. Fun topic, though.

  3. Isaac Wechuli

    April 3, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    everybody is free to believe whatever he/she wants..but how comes you believe in the spiritual realm but dont believe in spiritual beings? What do you think dwells in the spiritual realm

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