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The Power of Irrationality



The Power of Irrationality

‘Irrationality interests me more than anything; sometimes it’s very dangerous, but it can be incredibly beautiful.’ – John Burnside

The modern world promotes the over-reliance on rationality because it believes rationality aligns with reality. We are often advised to embrace rationality by using logic when thinking and making decisions.

I used to trust this approach, but my beliefs changed after realizing that the over-reliance on rationality has failed us. It has resulted in stress and pessimism because rationality disagrees with esoteric ideas such as miracles, blessings, and luck.

Rationality does not support the idea that our thoughts can help us build a beautiful life. It leads to the belief that we are physical, mechanical beings that accidentally appeared in a world of suffering.

Rationality has thus become our enemy instead of a friend.

Irrational thinking is a reliable way of thinking because it aligns with our mysterious and miraculous world. It allows us to set big goals and permits us to believe in the existence of a Higher Power that is so willing to guide us towards an amazing life.

Irrationality is responsible for the world’s greatest inventions as it enabled the Wright Brothers to believe we can fly, and enabled Graham Bell to believe people separated by distance can communicate through the telephone.

We must thus embrace irrationality if we want to be inventors and if we want to get more out of life. We must believe everything is possible, and that the universe works in our favor. We must rely on our intuition because its irrationality makes it a reliable guide in a chaotic world. The intuition can help us make quick decisions that enable us to seize opportunities in this era of fast-paced changes.

We must apply irrationality by trusting that our life is improving even when our current circumstances show no signs of positive change, and we must also think irrationally by believing we are getting better at what we do even when we are unskilled.

However, while it’s advisable to embrace irrationality, we must not avoid rationality completely: we must apply it when pursuing precise answers to clearly-described problems.

Peace Be With You

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  1. Salammy

    August 8, 2019 at 6:46 am

    I have never taken this angle in my thinking. You are just an intellectual. Peace be with you too.

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