The Rise of the Church & the Government, and the Death of Magic

The Rise of the Church & the Government, and the Death of Magic

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‘It was in the Church’s interest, as it expanded, to suppress all competing Pagan methodologies of magic. This could be done only by presenting a cosmology in which Christian miracles were legitimate and credible, whereas non-Christian ones were of the devil.’ – WikiZero

Magic, mainly defined as the use of supernatural forces to influence events, was widely practiced in ancient societies. The ancients used it to increase the chances of conception, ease pain during childbirth, heal, discern the future, curse enemies, find love, teleport, and levitate.

Many seekers of ancient wisdom reveal that the ancients also used magical acts to achieve higher states of consciousness that enabled them to connect with spiritual entities. These entities gave them powerful sacred knowledge that enriched their lives.

Despite the power of magic, several Churches in Europe – in the Middle Ages – popularized the Canon Law, which banned it and encouraged the killing of individuals who wrote or owned magical texts.

The occultists, Nineveh Shadrach and Frances Harrison, know about the ban on magic and the killing of magicians in the Middle Ages. In their book, Magic That Works: Practical Training for the Children of Light, they write “a few hundred years ago, the possession of a magic book would have been grounds for burning at the stake/death by burning.”

Anyway, after discouraging magic in Europe, churches discouraged it in other continents as they paved the way for colonization. Christian missionaries brainwashed several cultures into believing that their lives would be better if they abandoned magical practices and embraced Christianity. Together with the colonial governments, the missionaries encouraged many cultures to kill magicians, claiming that they were evil witches.

Initially, I supported the ban on magic because I believed magical acts were only used for evil purposes. However, after studying ancient secret history, I realized that magic made people powerful. It enabled people to access higher states of consciousness and activate their spiritual powers. Christian leaders and political authorities could not control people who accessed higher consciousness and discovered their spiritual power. Therefore, they banned magic because they wanted to control people.

They condemned magic as satanic, claiming that it led to demonic possession. They also claimed that magicians consciously entered into a pact with satanic entities that brought misfortune upon humans. As a result of these claims, people stopped practicing and believing in magic, resulting in its death.

Today, magic has been resurrected because it is not prohibited. Magicians are displaying their magical acts publicly, encouraging many people to believe in magic. We must take this opportunity to study magic and understand how we can use it to manipulate reality.


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