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The Secret to Wisdom and Knowledge: Know that You Don’t Know



The Secret to Wisdom and Knowledge: Know that You Don’t Know

‘The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.’ – Socrates

Most of us can’t become wiser because we think we know everything. We believe we are already wiser and knowledgeable because we’ve read many books and we have many school certificates (degree, diploma, etc.).

For this reason, we never question our ideas, belief systems, and the things we learned in school. Moreover, we are proud of our false sense of knowledge and wisdom, and we think we have answers to every question.

We are unaware that we only become knowledgeable and wiser when we act as if we know nothing because, in reality, we know nothing.

For instance, although we think we know everything about the sun, no one really knows what the sun is. Everything you’ve been told about the sun is based on assumptions because we lack equipment that can enable us to know what the sun really is.

Also, although we think we know everything about human beings, we don’t know many things about us. For instance, no one knows where human consciousness resides, why we physically feel hatred or love in our hearts, how we see during our dreams, and the physical feature that enables us to hear the voices within us.

Other than that, we don’t know our true history. We don’t know all species of human beings that walked the earth and how ancient people built megalithic structures.

Anyway, there are very many things we don’t know, and once we accept that, we’ll become more knowledgeable and wiser because we’ll be willing to study more and ponder life. Moreover, we’ll learn a lot when we accept that we don’t know anything because we’ll be eager to listen to ideas that contradict what we’ve learned or what we think we know. In other words, accepting that we don’t know will make us willing to accept new information, thus making us wiser and knowledgeable.

Also, we’ll question everything when we accept that we know nothing. Questioning will enable us to gain more knowledge because we get better answers when we question. Furthermore, questioning everything will force us to think deeply and eventually realize insightful truths that will make us wiser.

For this reason, from today onwards, we must accept the fact that we know nothing. We must stop labelling plants, animals, and everything in the world and assume that we are seeing them for the first time. As well, we must stop thinking that we know everything about love, success, spirituality, sex, etc.

This attitude will breed a questioning attitude that will encourage us to gather information that will enable us to gain more knowledge and become wiser.

‘And if any man thinks that he knoweth anything, he knoweth nothing as yet as he ought to know.’ – 1st Corinthians 8:2


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The Truth About Conspiracy Theories, the Coronavirus Stories, and the Illuminati.



The Truth About Conspiracy Theories, the Coronavirus Stories, and the Illuminati

The Illuminati are intelligent folks who never want you to know the truth because they know the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. One main tactic they use to prevent you from knowing the truth is by referring to stories that strive to explain mysterious events as conspiracy theories.

The Illuminati know you’ll lose interest in a story once it’s called a conspiracy theory.  For this reason, whenever people come up with rational arguments that strive to expose the lies we’ve been told or the mysterious events happening across the globe, the Illuminati – through the media – make you believe that these stories are ‘a bunch of conspiracy theories’ that you should avoid reading.

This tactic has worked because many people today avoid reading or analyzing the stories that some individuals tell during major events to expose the Illuminati. For instance, currently, many people are ignoring several stories about the origin and purpose of the Coronavirus because they believe they are conspiracy theories. People have been made to only believe the idea that the virus originated from bats.

The Illuminati doesn’t want us to know that history has several conspiracy theories that turned out to be true. For instance, in the 20th century, there was a major conspiracy theory that claimed that government agencies would use technology to conduct mass surveillance. Many people believed the story was just a conspiracy theory, but today most of us know it was a true story.

Also, the idea that a few people control the world was once classified as a conspiracy theory. Today, all intelligent humans know that a small group of mysterious individuals controls the world’s political, social, economic, and technological affairs.

Therefore, although we’d love to believe that conspiracy theories are useless stories created by ignorant people, they sometimes turn out to be true. We must thus analyze these stories and strive to pinpoint the truth in them. Moreover, we must study them because even though some of them might be inaccurate, they might connect us to certain hidden truths the Illuminati doesn’t want us to know. 

For instance, we must analyze the theories/stories about the Coronavirus because by doing so, we might find some truths in them that might enable us to know more about the Illuminati. Most of the stories about this virus have been formed by intelligent people that have analyzed the Illuminati and the world’s mysterious events for a long period. Therefore, we must avoid dismissing these stories as fake conspiracy theories, and we must study them and conduct further research on their facts/ideas.

Personally, these stories have made me discover truths I would have never discovered, and because of them, I now have a better understanding of the Illuminati.

Anyway, it’s time to rise above the Illuminati by using conspiracy theories to understand them. We must not allow the term ‘conspiracy theory’ to prevent us from reading valuable information that will enable us to gain a higher understanding of the hidden systems that govern the world.


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If the Illuminati Created Covid-19, Here are 3 Main Reasons Why it Created It.



If the Illuminati Created COVID-19, Here are 3 Main Reasons Why it Created It.

There are many theories concerning Covid-19. Some people claim it was created by the U.S to kill China’s economy, while others claim that the destruction of the natural environment provided the perfect conditions for its growth.  Moreover, others argue that it escaped from the lab, while several conspiracy theorists believe the Illuminati created it.

In this article, I’ll focus on the Illuminati-Covid-19 theory, and I will provide the possible reasons why the Illuminati created the virus.

  • To Spread Fear

‘Fear again, if you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make them feel afraid.’ – Paulo Coelho, The Devil, and the Miss Prym

Since the virus appeared, the Illuminati, through the media, has continuously bombarded us with data on the deaths caused by the virus. This information has caused widespread fear that has made people submissive to their governments. People are now obeying their governments without question, and they have placed all their hope in them. The illuminati loves it when the masses behave this way because it can easily further its agenda through every country’s government.

  • To Distract the Masses

For many years, the Illuminati has used various weapons of mass distraction to distract us from mysterious occurrences that would make us question the modern worldview.

Therefore, the Illuminati might have created Covid-19 to distract the world from a mysterious event. Maybe something strange is happening in Antarctica, and these folks don’t want us to know about it. Or maybe there’s an increase in the sightings of dogmen, aliens, giants, and other mysterious creatures that the Illuminati doesn’t want us to know about because we’ll question our worldview.

  • To Control Population

The world’s population is increasing at an alarming rate, and the Illuminati knows that the natural resources left will not sustain our population if it continuous growing in this manner. Therefore, the Illuminati could have created the virus to reduce our population and ensure that the few natural resources left can sustain us in the future.

Moreover, the Illuminati understands that high population growth causes the destruction of nature. For this reason, it could have created the virus to reduce our population and prevent the destruction of nature.

Check Out – The Coronavirus: Is it a Man-Made or Natural Method of Population Control?


This article doesn’t imply that the Illuminati created Covid-19. Its primary purpose is to speculate on the main reasons for the creation of the virus, in case the Illuminati is responsible.

Anyway, I believe – if the Illuminati is responsible for Covid-19 – these are not the only reasons for creating the virus. I, therefore, invite you to provide more reasons.


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