The Top 6 Powerful Meditations of the Unbounded Thinker

The Top 6 Powerful Meditations of the Unbounded Thinker

Last Updated on February 24, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

I love meditating on life, and I often note down the thoughts that pop into my mind while meditating. Today, I’ll welcome you into my meditations by sharing some of these thoughts with you.


1.Meditations on Thoughts

Creation could not have happened without the ability to think. Our thoughts can thus create worlds, and we should master them to ensure they create good worlds for us.

2.Meditations on Infinite Intelligence/God as Our Father and Mother

As the mother, she is constantly providing all creatures with everything they need to survive, and as a father, he hardens all creatures by giving them challenging situations that force them to grow into their full potential.

3.Meditations on Suffering

We suffer not because of our experiences but because of our thoughts regarding our experiences. A thoughtless person – if he exists – seldom suffers since he does not think about what he likes or hates about his experiences.

4.Meditations on The Lack of Inner Peace

We seldom attain inner peace because we are always thinking about the future. We never relax and focus on the now. When we focus on the now, we’ll attain inner peace because, most of the time, the present moment is okay.

5.Meditations on Intuition

Ancient people knew many things without researching. They knew poisonous, medicinal, and edible plants. They knew about energy fields, the third eye, how our emotions affect the body, and so on.

Their primary source of knowledge was their intuition. We, the modern people, have lost our intuitive powers because we over-focus on acquiring material possessions. This focus results in the attachment to our possessions, causing constant fear and worry, which suppress our intuitive abilities.

6. Meditations on Death

I just realized that time is flying. Soon we’ll all leave the earth and allow other souls to experience the physical universe. Soon, our bodies we’ll decay, and we’ll be bones. We’ll be gone forever, and we’ll never experience our current life form again.

For this reason, we must appreciate all our moments and everyone in our lives. We must use the only opportunity we have to exploit our physical powers and live to our full potential.


These are some of the things I often think about when I am alone. I believe deep thinking is more reliable in providing us with enlightening knowledge than reading books written by mainstream historians, scientists, and philosophers, whose main aim is to drown us into delusions and prevent us from knowing the TRUTH.

Thank you

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  1. Wow! This was so great for me to read today. I am relatively relaxed in life because I know there is no death; however, reading this reminded me that I won’t die, but this version of me will, and there are certain things only she can do. Better get at it! Thanks for the loving reminder 🙂