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The Top Five Harsh Truths You Must Know About Organized Religion



The Top Five Harsh Truths You Must Know About Organized Religion

‘Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.’ -Seneca

An organized religion is any religion with formally established beliefs and practices. Although organized religion is helpful, there are many harsh truths you must know about it.

Here are some of them.

1.Organized Religion is man-made

All organized religions were founded on the ideas of men who achieved higher states of consciousness. For instance, Christianity was founded on the ideas of Jesus, while Buddhism was founded on the ideas of Siddhartha Gautama, mainly known as Buddha.

2.Organized Religion is a Bully

Religion demands us to believe everything people such as Jesus, Mohammad, or Abraham taught without questioning. It wants us to blindly accept everything the Bible, Quran, and other ‘Sacred Books’ teach without questioning their validity. In the medieval age, religious leaders murdered or forced into exile the individuals who doubted the teachings of these ‘Sacred Books.’

3.The Ancient Elite Used Religion to Control the Masses

The ancient ruling classes informed people that they were God-chosen, and therefore, it was blasphemous to disrespect them. For this reason, it became easy for them to control people because the masses feared God, and they didn’t want to disrespect ‘him’ and end up in hell. Besides this, the ancient ruling classes used organized religion to bring like-minded people together and control them.

4.Organized Religion emanated from Pagan Religions

Stories almost similar to the miraculous birth of Jesus are found in ancient Pagan religions. As well, the story of Noah is present in the Sumerian religion, which was founded thousands of years before Christianity. Besides, many scholars have discovered that Pre-Islamic Arabians – who were Pagans – used the word ‘Allah’ to refer to their god.

5.Organized Religion has Caused Many Wars

In 1096 to 1291, several religious wars between Muslims and Christians occurred because both Muslims and Christians wanted to control particular holy sites. As well, during the introduction of Buddhism in the Japanese Kingdom in 552, military conflicts occurred after people resisted the spread of Buddhism. On top of that, many ancient Kings used the phrases, ‘Holy War’ and ‘Just War’ to encourage people to fight against enemy-kingdoms.

6.Religion has failed us

The main purpose of religion is to enable its followers to attain oneness with Infinite Intelligence. Organized religions have thus failed us because our religious leaders seldom teach us about attaining oneness with the Creator. Instead, they focus on teaching about sin and paradise.

Furthermore, organized religion has failed us because there are high levels of crime, hate, violence, and many other unrighteous behaviors despite the increase in the number of modern religious organizations.



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Hidden Historical Information You Weren’t Taught In School



I hate academic history because it’s crap. It made us believe that we are the most intelligent civilization to ever live on this earth, and it avoided providing us with enlightening information about the highly evolved ancient civilizations that lived on earth before the Great Flood. For instance, it never mentioned the Lemurians, Atlanteans, and Lumanians despite their amazing features and their importance in our history.

But don’t worry, because today you’ll learn amazing facts about such civilizations.



The Lemurians were tall beings with several extra-ordinary abilities. They communicated using crystals, and they devised spiritual practices that enabled them to access the 5th dimension. Moreover, they used imagination to build magnificent buildings, and they were able to live for hundreds of years because they aged slowly. On top of that, they opened their 3rd Eye, and for this reason, they used telepathy and extra-sensory perception to communicate with each other.

On the other hand, the Lumanians were weak but brilliant people. According to Seth, they formed energy fields around their own civilization, and they avoided violence because they feared it. They built huge cities, and they had several psychic abilities. Besides the Lumanians, Seth mentions an ancient civilization that ‘could mentally pitch a thought along certain frequencies – a highly distinguished art – and then translate the thought at a given destination in any of a number of ways, into form or color, for example, or even into a type of image’ (Seth Speaks).

Lastly, the Atlanteans were also a highly advanced civilization. They used crystals and sound waves for healing, and they performed astral projection into higher dimensional consciousness. They used laser technology and built elevators that were moved by compressed air. Besides, they were telepathic, and they performed telekinesis. On top of that, they could stop volcanic eruptions, and they possessed a power that enabled them to control the weather.


I firmly believe these civilizations were responsible for building magnificent ancient buildings such as pyramids, which no one including the greatest modern engineers, knows how they were built. I believe their extraordinary features enabled them to erect these buildings because, despite the massive technological development in the modern world, we can’t erect such buildings.

It’s hard to believe any information about advanced ancient civilizations if you’ve never known about the existence of massive ancient buildings and advanced ancient technology. You must check mystery history and ancient architects for you to realize the existence of these buildings and technologies, which historians agree were built by ancient civilizations with extra-ordinary abilities.


Hope this information will encourage you to conduct further research on ancient civilizations. Anyway, you are welcome to my facebook community; the unbounded wisdom community for insightful quotes and ideas.

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What You Must Know About the Illuminati



I’ve read several articles and books on the Illuminati, and I love contemplating about this secret society because I’m obsessed with knowing how it works. I believe I’ll know much about the universe after knowing the secrets of the Illuminati.

Anyway, my research and meditations on the Illuminati have enabled me to know amazing facts about this secret society, which I’ll share with you in this article.

One major thing I’ve learned about this Secret Society is that it easily controls the masses, banks, media, churches, and political organizations because its members are super-wealthy and highly intelligent. Its members own a large percentage of the world’s wealth and are masters of psychology, human behavior, and esoteric philosophy.

On top of that, I discovered that the Illuminati has members with psychic abilities. These individuals possess ancient esoteric knowledge that enables them to develop psychic abilities such as levitation, psychokinesis, psychometry, telepathy, precognition, and so on. Besides, the Illuminati recruits individuals that have developed these abilities because it believes these people belong to the secret society.

Also, the Illuminati is a master of distraction. It ensures our minds are occupied with non-sense hence preventing us from searching for the Truth. It knows the Truth Shall Set Us Free, and it doesn’t want us to be free. It wants us to be its slaves forever.

For this reason, it ensures our minds are occupied with political issues, such as corruption and elections, and social issues such as racism, LGBT, and gender inequality. It wants us to always argue about these issues instead of focusing on awakening our inner abilities and striving to know the esoteric knowledge that’s hidden from us.

Furthermore, similar to ancient secret societies, the Illuminati is communicating with extra-terrestrial beings. These beings provide it with enlightening knowledge about the higher worlds and help it to control the masses. Some whistleblowers have claimed that these extra-terrestrial beings head the secret society.

Besides this, the Illuminati believes it could be impossible for it to exploit us if we were committed to attaining enlightenment. For this reason, it believes it has the right to control and exploit us since we are too lazy to seek enlightenment.

Furthermore, I learned that this secret society is hiding several facts about our history because these facts will make many scientific ideas useless. For instance, it’s hiding the evidence that proves immortal kings and strange beings (mermaids, fairies, dogmen) once existed because this evidence will make people ignore scientific ideas and focus on understanding the world’s mysteries.

I love writing short articles, and for this reason, these are the only facts about the Secret Society I’ll share with you today. As a Scorpio, I believe it’s my mission to enlighten the masses about hidden things. Therefore, I’ll keep sharing with you more enlightening facts I’ll discover about the Illuminati. I hope you’ll be around.


Welcome to my facebook group; The Unbounded Wisdom Community for enlightening quotes and ideas.

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