The True Meaning of ‘Love Yourself’

The True Meaning of ‘Love Yourself’

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Benefits of Loving Yourself

Many spiritual and personal development teachers advise you to love yourself because self-love increases happiness, boosts self-esteem, and improves physical health. Although we know the importance of loving ourselves, most of us don’t know the meaning. For this reason, today I’ll share with you the true meaning of ‘love thyself.’

What is the True Meaning of Love Yourself?

Loving yourself means taking good care of your body through exercising and eating healthy foods. It also means loving your physical features and thanking life for them because they make you a unique individual.

Besides this, to love yourself means to take care of your mental state by ensuring that you only think higher thoughts because they lead to inner peace. It also means releasing suppressed negative energies within you by loving others and striving to forgive those who wrong you.

Loving yourself means forgiving yourself for all the bad things you did in the past and understanding that everyone, including you, makes mistakes.

It means doing what you love, and avoiding jobs that hurt your physical, mental, and spiritual health. It also means doing what makes you happy, and what ensures that you have a prosperous future.

Additionally, loving yourself means putting yourself first by unfriending time wasters, walking out of abusive relationships, and avoiding people who never add value to your life. It also involves focusing on your strengths and ignoring your weaknesses.

Moreover, you love yourself when you take care of your mind by meditating, praying, reading spiritual books, and avoiding negative people. And lastly, you practise self-love when you take care of your soul by expanding your consciousness and embracing virtue.


In summary, to love yourself means to good care of your mind, soul, and body, and to ensure that everything you do is good for you.


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