The Truth About Semen Retention and Female Attraction

The Truth About Semen Retention and Female Attraction

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Before practicing semen retention, I read that it is the most reliable strategy for female attraction. I doubted this idea, believing that content creators use it to attract readers. However, after retaining my seed for more than a year, I agree that semen retention leads to female attraction.

While on my retention journey, I realized that semen retention changed female behavior towards me. The number of women acting friendly and willing to interact with me increased. I attributed this change to semen retention because getting female attention before retaining was difficult for me. I struggled to get attention.

While retaining, I noticed that some women became interested in me despite not knowing me on a deeper level. Before retaining, I had to show off to get female attention. Now, I only have to show up and crack jokes, and some women fall for me.

I don’t even beg for sex or pursue it anymore because I know that I can get laid when I want to. Some women that I had sexual relations with are now begging me for sex. I think they are craving my new energy.

Several theories attempt to explain why semen retention causes female attraction. Some claim that it creates a magnetic aura that women cannot resist. Many studies show that retaining semen increases semen volume and concentration. Thus, some retainers claim that women – have a subconscious desire to get pregnant – and they desire men who practice semen retention because they intuitively know that they have high chances of getting them pregnant. Others believe attraction occurs because women desire the powerful masculine energy that accompanies retaining.

Some retainers believe that women instinctively desire moral men, and they become attracted to you when they realize that you are not obsessed with sex.

These ideas are sensible explanations for the female attraction that accompanies semen retention. I agree with all of them. But I mainly believe that semen retention allows the accumulation of life-force energy, making women to enjoy your presence. They notice that you are full of life, and they feel so good when they are with you. Women also realize that your energy is different from most men, who constantly release their life-force energy through sex and masturbation. They crave the accumulated life energy within you.

In ancient times, religious leaders required celibate men to avoid shaving. They wanted them to appear uglier to prevent the female attraction accompanying semen retention. The religious leaders also asked celibate men to avoid women completely. They knew that female attraction increases with semen retention, leading to sexual temptations.

If you want to get laid easily, stop trying to master the dating game. Just retain for a while, and sex will come naturally.

However, female attraction should not be the primary aim of semen retention. You should see it as a side-effect. The primary objective of semen retention should be to reach a higher state of consciousness that will enable you to access higher spiritual dimensions.

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