Three Powers that Create Your Reality

Three Powers that Create Your Reality

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After reflecting on reality, I realized that three major powers create it: God, the Life-force, and You.

The God-force Creates Your Reality

The God-force is the creator of the whole universe. It is in everything and everything is in it.

The God-force can change your reality according to your prayers. The ancients knew this: they prayed to the God-force, believing it would make all their desires come to fruition. They prayed for rain, peace, good harvest etc.

 The God-force is conscious and although it seems passive, it is an active force in your life. I reflected on my life and realized that this force is shaping it. Sometimes, when I tried to change my reality by focusing on positive thoughts, it allowed adversity in my life and when I became negative and depressed, it blessed me with abundance. I then realized that this force is always trying to tell me two things: first, it is a major co-creator of my reality, and second, my thoughts are not the only factor that create my reality.

I have to trust this force because an in-depth analysis of life shows it is good, and it is the power with the greatest impact on reality because it is the Creator of Reality.

All reality unfolds according to the God-force’s laws and demands. Nothing can occur in our lives that the God-force does not allow. The God-force can do whatever it wants with your reality and nothing can stop it. It is the most powerful force in the universe and without it, reality cannot exist.

The Life-Force Creates Your Reality

The Life-force is the life-energy existing in all creatures. It controls physical functions such as digestion, photosynthesis, and respiration. It is the reproductive energy that gives plants and animals the desire to reproduce.

The Ancient Egyptians referred to this life-force as heka. When discussing the Egyptian concept of Heka, Jacco Dieleman writes that the ancient Egyptians believed heka is a ‘creative force that makes the ordered world possible. As vital energy, it permeates the cosmos, enables the cycles of nature, and animates all that lives and grows from within.’

Dieleman also writes, ‘Heka is the Egyptian term for what was believed to be a primordial, natural force that the creator god applied in creating the ordered world and that continues to sustain the regeneration of the life-giving cycles of nature.

Heka/ the life-force creates your reality according to your dominant thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and feelings. It transforms your inner world into your external reality. It does not know good or bad. It just creates. Many modern gurus refer to it as the subconscious mind, and they also agree that it creates our reality.

The lifeforce in man turns the wheel of progress. Aim to be good, and carry out your allotted tasks in life, and progress in the right direction will follow. – The Kolbrin Bible

You Create Your Reality

You – the individual soul – create your reality through your conscious thoughts, decisions, and actions. 

In other words, every thought you think, decision you make, and action you take determines the direction of your life.

Positive thoughts, actions, and good decisions increase your probability of creating a good reality. However, sometimes bad things or good things happen regardless of the nature of your thoughts, actions, and decisions because the God-force wants them to happen. Although the God-force gave us the power to influence our personal experience, it sometimes changes it to help us on the journey of life.


Just to be on the safe side, we must always think positively, make good decisions, and take positive action because a large part of our life unfolds according to our thoughts, decisions, and actions.

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