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Top 11 Enlightening Quotes From the Most Mind-Opening book:Sapiens – The History of Mankind.



I discovered Yuval Harari’s book: Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind, in one of my favorite Youtube channels: Alux’s wonderful description of the book in, 15 Books You Should Read This Summer, made me purchase it. I read the book, and I don’t regret buying it.

Sapiens is the best book I have read in 2018. The book narrates how man evolved and makes you understand where our belief systems came from. It also provides mind-opening information about religion, political structures, the importance of knowledge and the main factors that enabled Europe to conquer the world.

The most powerful lesson I learned from the book is ‘KNOWLEDGE IS POWER,’ because knowledge was what enabled the Europeans to colonize the whole world.

I gathered the following insightful quotes from the book.

  1. “Buddha spent six years meditating on the essence, causes, and cures for human anguish. In the end, he came to the realization that suffering is not caused by ill fortune, by social injustice, or by divine whims. Rather, suffering is caused by the behavior patterns of one’s minds.” – Yuval Noah Harari.


  1. “As Nietzsche put it, if you have a WHY to live, you can bear almost any ‘HOW.’ A meaningful life can be extremely satisfying even in the midst of hardship whereas a meaningless life is a terrible ordeal no matter how comfortable it is.” – Yuval Noah Harari.


  1. “In the Middle Ages, the rich spent their money carelessly on extravagant luxuries, whereas peasants lived frugally minding every penny. Today, the tables have turned. The rich take great care managing their assets and investments while the less well go into debt buying cars and televisions they don’t really need.” – Yuval Noah Harari.


  1. “If you experience sadness without craving the sadness to go away, you continue to feel sadness but you don’t suffer from it. There can actually be richness in the sadness. If you experience joy without craving that the joy lingers and intensifies, you continue to feel joy without losing your peace of mind” – Yuval Noah Harari.


  1. “Both scientist and conqueror began by admitting ignorance – they both said, I don’t know what’s out there. They both felt to go out and make new discoveries. And they both hoped the new knowledge thus acquired would make them masters of the world.” – Yuval Noah Harari.


  1. “The supreme commandment of the rich is ‘Invest! The supreme commandment of the rest of us is Buy! – Yuval Noah Harari.


  1. “In the previous eras, the standard of beauty was set by the handful of people who lived next door to you. Today the media and the fashion industry expose us to a totally unrealistic standard of beauty. They search out the most gorgeous people on the planet and then parade them constantly before our eyes. No wonder we are far less happy with the way we look.’ – Yuval Noah Harari.



  1. “The findings demonstrate that happiness is not the surplus of pleasant over unpleasant moments. Rather happiness consists in seeing one’s life in its entirety as meaningful and worthwhile.” – Yuval Noah Harari.



  1. “If God knew in advance that a particular person would use her free will to choose evil, and that as a result she would be punished for this by eternal tortures in hell. Why did God create her?” – Yuval Noah Harari.


  1. Monotheism explains order but is mystified by evil. Dualism explains evil but is puzzled by order. There is one logical way of solving the riddle: to argue that there is a single Omnipotent God who created the entire universe – and he’s evil. But nobody in history has had the stomach for such a belief.” – Yuval Noah Harari.



  1. “The most cherished desires of the present-day are shaped by romantic, nationalist, capitalist and humanist myths that have been around for centuries. Friends giving advice often tell each other, ‘Follow your heart.’ But the heart is a double agent that usually takes its instructions from dominant myths of the day, and the very recommendation to ‘follow your heart’ was implanted in our minds by a combination of nineteenth-century Romantic myths and twentieth-century consumerist myths.” – Yuval Noah Harari.

Which do you think is the most enlightening quote?

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Top 26 Intriguing Tony Robbins Quotes (Net worth – $500 million)



Top 26 Intriguing Tony Robbins Quotes (Net worth - $500 million)

Tony Robbins is an American personal development teacher who has authored best-selling books, such as Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power. Besides, he has coached many famous people, and he’s among the most famous personal development coaches in the world.

Tony Robbins loves encouraging people to work hard and follow their dreams. He believes we have the power to become whoever we want.

Here are his top 26 intriguing quotes.

  1. ‘Be the person that does more for others and life will be anything you want out of it.’
  2. ‘There’s no one I’ve ever met who is always confident in all situations: every person gets knocked off.’
  3. ‘The way to get wealthy right now today is to free yourself from the illusion that you are not already wealthy.’
  4. ‘The only way to effectively use your emotions is to understand that they all serve you. You must learn from your emotions and use them to create the results you want for a greater quality of life.’
  5. ‘What a person believes, what he thinks is possible or impossible, to a great extent determines what he can or cannot do.’
  6. ‘We are not made to survive, we are made to thrive.’
  7. ‘What you and I focus on massively affects how we feel.’
  8. ‘You’ve got to realize that you must take conscious control of running your mind. You’ve got to do it deliberately; otherwise, you’re going to be at the mercy of whatever happens around you.’
  9. ‘So many people want to avoid any hint of a problem or challenge, yet the surmounting of difficulty is the crucible that forms character.’
  10. ‘Keep going with massive action, and you’ll find the way.
  11. ‘You must say, I’m gonna find the way or make the way.’
  12. ‘Progress equals happiness; if you are not growing, you are dying inside.’
  13. ‘If you get yourself in a state of certainty, then you tap a lot more potential.’
  14. ‘The number one key to all success is personal power, or the ability to take action.’
  15. ‘The first step for creating lasting change in your life is to have a vision of what you truly want.’
  16. ‘If you want to become all you can become, do all you can do, hear all you can hear, see all you can see, you’ve got to learn how to handle frustration. Frustration can kill dreams.’
  17. ‘Those that acknowledge that something is giving them the gift of life the more of it they experience.’
  18. ‘Leaders don’t believe in limited resources.’
  19. ‘When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears.’
  20. ‘The first thing you can do to turn yourself around during hard times is to take control of your mind.’
  21. ‘We usually think of beliefs in terms of creeds or doctrines, and that’s what many beliefs are. But in the most basic sense, a belief is any guiding principle, dictum, faith, or passion that can provide meaning and direction in life.’
  22. ‘Everybody in life gets their ‘musts’, and not their ‘shoulds.’
  23. ‘Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource.’
  24. ‘There’s only one more thing you need to get whatever you want, and that’s grace. Some call it luck, and some call it God.
  25. ‘The difference in people’s abilities to fully tap their personal resources is directly affected by their goals.’
  26. ‘Always give more than what you expect to receive.’

Hope you enjoyed Tony Robbins’ quotes. Thanks for reading.

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16 Powerful Affirmations from The Secret Door to Success by Florence Shinn



16 Powerful Affirmations from The Secret Door to Success by Florence Shinn

Last week, I posted the Top 25 Affirmations that Will Lift Your Thinking, and you loved the article. Today, I’ll share with you amazing affirmations from Florence Scovel Shinn’s book: The Secret Door to Success.


  1. ‘The walls of lack and delay now crumble away, and I enter my Promised Land, under grace.’
  2. ‘The unexpected happens, my seemingly impossible good now comes to pass.’
  3. ‘What God has done for others, He now does for me and more.’
  4. ‘My lambs are now filled with the oil of faith and fulfillment.’
  5. ‘Now is the appointed time. Today is the day of my amazing good fortune.’
  6. ‘I am divinely led, I follow the right fork in the road. God makes a way where there is no way.’
  7. ‘The waters of my Red Sea part, and I pass over on dry land, I now go forward into my Promised Land.
  8. ‘The ground I am on is holy ground. I now expand rapidly into the divine plan of my life, where all conditions are permanently perfect.’
  9. ‘I am the child of the King! My rich Father now pours out his abundance upon me: I am the child of the King! Everything makes way for me.’
  10. ‘The inspiration of the Almighty shall be my defense and I shall have plenty of silver.’
  11. ‘What God has done before, He now does for me and more.’
  12. ‘I look with wonder at that which is before me.’
  13. ‘No matter how impossible the situation seems, Infinite Intelligence/God knows the way out.’
  14. ‘God is the Giver and the Gift and now creates His own amazing channels.’
  15. ‘Nothing can hinder, nothing can delay the manifestation of the Divine Plan of my life.’
  16. ‘The Lights of Lights streams on my pathway, revealing the Open Road of Fulfillment.’

Hope you enjoyed Florence Scovel’s affirmations. Thanks for reading.

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