Top 25 Amazing Quotes The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn

Top 25 Amazing Quotes From Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn

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Jim Rohn’s book, The Seasons of Life, is an amazing book for self-improvement enthusiasts. In the book, Jim Rohn enlightens us about the changing seasons of life and shows us how to handle the seasons of opportunity and seasons of hardships.

Jim Rohn also writes about the negative impact of toxic friends and how our feelings and attitudes towards life determine our circumstances.

I’ve read the book twice and I gathered the following quotes, which I had to share with you.

  1. ‘Every thought we’ve entertained has had its effect upon what we now are. Every movie we’ve watched had its effect. Every book or magazine we’ve read had its effect. Every TV show has had its effect. Every disappointment, triumph, doubt, dream, and love for someone, each had their effect.’
  2. ‘There are those who will frown upon those who set ambitious goals, and yet without goals, there can be no achievement, and without achievement, life will be as it has been.’
  3. ‘As I read and ponder and speculate upon people, their deeds and their destiny, I become more deeply convinced that it is our natural destiny to grow, to succeed, to prosper, and to find happiness while we’re here.’
  4. ‘Let it be known here and now that God or whatever power is behind our existence, did not intend for us to fail, or wallow in poverty, self-pity, self-martyrdom, or mediocrity in any form. Such is not the grand design for man. He is blessed with all those raw materials necessary for progress, such as imagination, ideas, inspiration, and undeveloped capacity….and that capacity is without limitation. The only limitation placed on our abilities is our inability to easily recognize our unlimited nature.’
  5. ‘The only constant factor in life is our feelings and attitudes toward life. A major challenge faced by us all is that we learn to experience the changing of life’s cycles without being changed by them.’
  6. ‘Choose action, not rest. Choose truth, not fantasy. Choose a smile, not a frown. Choose love, not animosity. Choose the good in life and in all things, and choose the opportunity as well as the chance to work when springtime (the season of activity and opportunity) smiles on your life.’
  7. ‘Life provides no assurances that the planting of seeds will provide the reaping of crops. We have only demonstrated experiences of others to draw upon. The storms of life could cancel our efforts expended in the fields of opportunity. But to expend no effort during the spring will assure no results during the fall.’
  8. ‘As certainly as the soil gives back like unto that which we place into it, so also does the mind of man give back in human circumstances that which we place into it by our choice of human thought.’
  9. ‘Each day is given to us as a new season of spring. The thoughts, deeds, dreams, and efforts of today will provide tomorrow’s harvest. To neglect the opportunity given to us is to delay our better future.’
  10. ‘Life is truly a constant beginning, a constant opportunity, a constant springtime. We need only to learn to look once again at life as we did as children, letting fascination and curiosity give us welcome cause for taking a second look, rather than taking for granted. Fortune, happiness, and peace of mind await those who learn to look for the miraculous hidden among the common.’
  11. ‘Success in life is not an easy matter, nor is it an easy matter for the seed to push away the soil in its quest to find the light and the airborne chemicals that give it health.’
  12. ‘Progress in any form and happiness or success in any form require constant effort, for obstacles exist that might discourage the weak and undeserving.’
  13. ‘It’s ironic that one of the few things in this life that we have control over is our own attitudes, and yet most of us live our entire life behaving as though we had no control whatsoever.’
  14. ‘The human character is formed not in absence of difficulty but in our response to difficulty.’
  15. ‘The harvest, which is our life as we now live it, is the result of seeds planted at an earlier time.’
  16. ‘You are a fertile seed of the creator of all things, destined not to lie dormant, but to spring forth from the soil called life, and grow upward toward the unlimited horizons, overcoming all obstacles in the process.’
  17. ‘An empty bank account is a sign of an ineffective past effort. It is a sign of a missed opportunity. It is a sign of too much procrastination or laziness. The law of the universe is faultless. It applies equally well to the farmer as to the business person.’
  18. Throughout all the seasons of the year, winter (hard times) can touch our lives in many small ways, testing us, and providing us with subtle reminders of the plight of those whose lives are surrounded by winter. Winter can be a lost opportunity, or the loss of love. A winter is when a trusted friend gives you cause for disappointment, or when expected business goes to a competitor.’
  19.  ‘The first great lesson of life is to learn that winter will always come; not only in the winter of cold, and wind, and ice, and snow, but the human winters of despair and loneliness, or disappointment, or tragedy.’
  20.  ‘Dwelling upon the severity of your personal winter merely makes the winter more difficult to endure.’
  21. ‘To blame outside influences for the circumstance of winter is a convenient excuse for misplacing responsibility.’
  22.  ‘For things or circumstances to change, human attitudes, opinion, and habits must change.’
  23. ‘It is in the face of adversity that things begin to change, and the ‘things’ always change as a result of the personal change that takes place.’
  24. ‘The masses of people unfortunately don’t change – they wait for circumstances to change – blaming others, or blaming situations for their meager progress.’
  25. ‘From this moment on, and for what remains of the balance of your life, make your commitment to excellence, remembering that it is your challenge to succeed. After all, you only have one life! Let’s do something remarkable.’


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