Top 30 Insightful Truths You Must Know Right Now

Top 30 Insightful Truths You Must Know Right Now

Last Updated on August 30, 2021 by The Unbounded Thinker

In 2019, I shared over 70 harsh truths of life in two blog posts. Today, I’ll share 30 insightful truths I realized after thinking deeply about life.

  1. Stop labeling things and you’ll realize that everything is a miracle.
  2. The attachment to material things disappears when you stop seeking happiness in these things.
  3. Mostly, failed expectations are the main source of stress.
  4. The future is a form of memory because we use memory to imagine the future.
  5. There is no past or future because the past and the future exist in the mind. The present moment is all that will ever be.
  6. You can think about the past and the future, but you’ll never get out of the present moment.
  7. We condemn each other because we avoid studying ourselves.
  8. You’ll easily attain inner peace when you stop judging your thoughts.
  9. Every creature lives in its illusion. Man is the only animal that can see past the illusion.
  10. Beauty is spiritual: only man and God can recognize it.
  11. Man is special; he is the only creature that can rise to godliness.
  12. You fear challenges because you dwell in the egoic state of consciousness.
  13. You can’t destroy your ego, but you can rise above it.
  14. Check your thoughts and you’ll realize that a large percentage of them are negative.
  15. Worry occurs when you overanalyze the negative side of a situation.
  16. Every day, we have two great choices; we can move towards growth or step back into safety.
  17. Ignore the naysayers, they will always project their fears on you and eventually make you a negative thinker.
  18. Life only gets better when you get better.
  19. Prayer changes an event by enabling you to tune into your spiritual power. The spiritual power then changes things according to your desire. Remember, the spiritual is superior to the physical since it created it.
  20. Man is the only creature that refuses to accept life the way it is, and for this reason, he is the only creature that thinks life is suffering.
  21. We all want success but we avoid doing what it takes to be successful.
  22. Every creature is in tune with life. Man is the only creature that can choose whether to be in tune or not.
  23. Every creature uses its gift correctly. Man is the only creature that misuses his gifts.
  24. The world is an amazing magical place that we seldom bother exploring because we focus on acquiring wealth and maintaining our ego.
  25. Constant worry and fear appear when you live in an illusion or when you live out of tune with life.
  26. Gratitude only arises when you realize that everything is a gift.
  27. Nothing can prevent an intelligent, all-powerful spirit that is obsessed with our survival (GOD) from answering our prayers.
  28. The most valuable things in life are free.
  29. Don’t share big plans with many people, most of them will discourage you.
  30. You only become wise when you realize that you don’t know anything.


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