Maxwell Igan, commonly known as Max Igan.

Top 30 Intriguing Max Igan Quotes

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Maxwell Igan, commonly known as Max Igan, is an Australian-born musical artist, visual artist, historian, author, political activist, and researcher who is not afraid of discussing sensitive topics on social media platforms.

Max Igan’s followers speculate that his socio-economic, political, and historical theories are the primary reasons why he was banned from YouTube and experienced the threat of persecution.

Despite the controversies surrounding him, Max Igan’s ideas are insightful and intriguing to the open-minded. They will make you doubt everything and embark on a journey of the search for truth.

Here are some of his powerful quotes that will give you a glimpse of his theories.


  1. ‘One thing we can confirm is that we are living on a people farm.’
  2. ‘The entertainment system is designed to prevent us from paying attention to what is happening around us.’
  3. Our education system has given us a misguided perspective of success.’
  4. ‘Everything we have been taught about everything is a lie.’
  5. ‘In many ancient stories, we read tantalizing and bizarre accounts of strange and unknown technologies, tales of ancient gods, flying craft and ancient foes waging great wars against each other, wars that were fought with fantastic and devastating weapons. Over the years a great number of scholars have attempted to dispel these tales as rumors and fanciful myths yet still the stories have persisted and in a strangely unnerving re-enforcement of them, we find, dotted across our planet, the remains of immensely ancient and enigmatic structures of unknown origin and even more bizarre things.’
  6. ‘The problem is that we always put economy at the top of the food chain where really humanity needs to be at the top of the food chain.’
  7.  ‘We cannot ever really know what we are now if we don’t know where we came from.’
  8. ‘It has been often said that it is only by gaining a true understanding of the Earth’s past that we can ever hope to find the vital key to understanding its future and in turn, our own.’
  9. ‘All they do at school is to prepare you to be a usable victim for a military-industrial complex that needs manpower.’
  10. ‘We are here to experience humanity to its greatest potential and we have the potential to be absolutely incredible.’
  11. ‘The truth has a way of revealing itself.’
  12. ‘Everything that I thought was true is not true, the world is a very different place than what we believe is. The fact of the matter is that nobody knows what the world is.’
  13. ‘If we can just put our belief systems aside, then the truth will offer itself to us.’
  14. A lot of what we are told is history has been used to divide the masses.’
  15. ‘Strange and incongruous artifacts built by amazing and unknown technology that irrefutably dismantle the Academic presentation of our history have also been found in places where they simply have no place being, and there are curious stone Stele’s and cave paintings also depicting seemingly impossible scenes from our far distant past.’
  16. ‘Ninety percent of all wars that have been fought in the last 2000 years have been waged over religion and yet all religions ultimately stem from the same source. It has been said that if all of mankind were truly educated in the singular source of all religions and in the true nature of our world and man’s relation to it, there could never possibly be wars fought over doctrines described in books.’
  17. ‘Everything within all creation manifests through the harmonic vibration of light and sound.’
  18. ‘The scholastic institutions we have established for ourselves are in fact highly detrimental to the pursuit of true learning and the current distribution of selected knowledge based on the economic ability of the individual can ultimately only lead to a break-down of our society such as we are even now beginning to witness on our streets.’
  19. ‘Education and knowledge should not be the property of an elitist club greedily hoarding its wealth, but a free and open establishment designed for the benefit and progress of the whole of mankind.’
  20. ‘People are not aware that a right-brain perspective of reality exists.’
  21. ‘The beginnings, both of earth and of man, are a complete mystery. The theories concerning our beginnings that we have been presented with by both academics, who talk of evolution and gradualism, and by theologians who claim creation, are each fraught with a myriad of inconsistencies and contradictions. In reality, the true histories of both man and of our planet are still an enormous riddle.’
  22. ‘We have forgotten that we are people. We have forgotten that we are man. We’ve forgotten that God created man and gave man dominion over the earth.’
  23. ‘The reality is that our distant history is still an enormous riddle. We only know what we do from the gradual piecing together of the many enigmatic and confusing traces that have so far been recovered from around the world. Our true knowledge of ancient history still remains confusing, unknown, or fragmented at best. All we really have are various creation myths and theories.’
  24. ‘The real truth of the matter is that almost every continent on earth can lay claim to some strange or unusual relic from the past that cannot easily be explained by either academics or theologians.’
  25.  ‘We must also be prepared for the moment, to objectively look outside of any currently prevailing religious belief system we may embrace and attempt to examine all of the evidence with an open mind before blindly believing any doctrine.’
  26. ‘Everything at its most basic form is pure energy, and energy is the stuff that drives the universe itself.’
  27. ‘The journey towards our future begins with an understanding of our past.’
  28. ‘It should by now be abundantly clear that not all in our history, or indeed in our world, is what it appears to be. Certainly, it is not what is perpetually promoted to us as factual. Evidence proves beyond any shadow of doubt that an ancient civilization, even more advanced than ours, did indeed once exist on this frail little ball in space that is our home.’
  29.  ‘In truth, ancient man did not practice religion as we conceive it today. In past civilizations, science and religion were intrinsically intertwined. They were not practiced as such, they were simply a way of life. Man was aware of himself and his relationship to the universe, the creator and those ‘Gods’ in between because it was simply the way things were – so how could it be perceived to be any different?’
  30. ‘We’ve got to be tough and strong and hard as nails and resilient on one hand. But then we’ve got to be kind and loving and open on the other hand. We need to find balance.’

I believe these fascinating Max Igan quotes have been insightful to you, and I trust that they will encourage you to keep searching for TRUTH.


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