What Religious Leaders Don’t Want You to Know About Ancient Places of Worship

What Modern Religious Leaders Don’t Want You to Know About Ancient Places of Worship

Last Updated on November 9, 2020 by The Unbounded Thinker

‘The ancient Chinese geomancers were trained in the art of astrology and the divination of the land, and they were skilled in finding the most auspicious place to build shrines and temples for emperors. They understood the life-giving qualities of the earth currents, and in certain places shaped their landscapes to harness its energy – the goal being to increase spiritual harmony within the environment.’ – Jerry Alan: The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism

Although modern places of worship allow people to worship and pray to Infinite Intelligence/God, they are nothing compared to ancient places of worship.

Studying ancient history enlightened me that ancient places of worship had powerful spiritual effects on worshippers, and these effects were the main reason why many individuals visited the sacred places.

These effects occurred because the ancient places of worship were built on geomagnetic hotspots. These hotspots were energetically charged places, and ancient folks designed sacred buildings to harness their energies. The ancient religious leaders then used these energies to heal people’s bodies, minds, and spirits.

Some places of worship never required the presence of a religious leader. The energy harnessed from the geomagnetic hotspots healed people’s bodies once they entered them.

Furthermore, these energies enabled people to gain positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and they caused hallucinations, visions, and higher states of consciousness.

Modern religious leaders would never want you to know these facts because they don’t want you, their primary source of income, to know the powerlessness of their places of worship.

These leaders know that giving people hope is the only benefit their followers gain from attending their religious services, and they know that their places of worship lack the spiritual energies that can make their followers attain altered states of consciousness. For this reason, they will never expose their followers to information that shows them the power of ancient churches because such information will lead to the realization that modern places of worship are not serving their true purpose.

We should stop relying on religious leaders to tell us everything we want to know about spirituality, and we should strive to understand the true spiritual power of ancient places of worship. By doing so, we’ll acquire the knowledge and skills required for designing powerful places of worship.



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  1. Epic stuff bro…the moment we realize the powerlessness of our churches and religious leaders,,,that’s when the revolution will start. People will get tired of hope..