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What Modern Religious Leaders Don’t Want You to Know About Ancient Places of Worship



What Religious Leaders Don’t Want You to Know About Ancient Places of Worship

‘The ancient Chinese geomancers were trained in the art of astrology and the divination of the land, and they were skilled in finding the most auspicious place to build shrines and temples for emperors. They understood the life-giving qualities of the earth currents, and in certain places shaped their landscapes to harness its energy – the goal being to increase spiritual harmony within the environment.’ – Jerry Alan: The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism

Although modern places of worship enable people to worship and pray to Infinite Intelligence/God, they are nothing when compared to ancient places of worship. Studying ancient history enlightened me that ancient places of worship had powerful spiritual effects on worshippers, and these effects were the main reason why many individuals visited the sacred places.

These effects occurred because the ancient places of worship were built on geomagnetic hotspots. These hotspots were energetically charged places, and ancient folks designed their places of worship to harness their energies. The ancient religious leaders then used these energies to heal people’s bodies, minds, and spirits.

Some places of worship never required the presence of a religious leader. The energy harnessed from the geomagnetic hotspots healed people’s bodies once they entered these places of worship. Furthermore, these energies enabled people to gain positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and they caused hallucinations, visions, and higher states of consciousness that allowed people to access the Akashic records.

Modern religious leaders would never want you to know these facts because they don’t want you, their primary source of income, to know the powerlessness of their places of worship. As well, they are afraid that knowing these things might enlighten you that, despite their religious positions, they lack the expertise needed to emulate the spiritual effects of ancient places of worship.

These leaders know that giving people hope is the only benefit their followers gain from attending their religious services, and they know that their places of worship lack the spiritual energies that can make their followers attain altered states of consciousness. For this reason, they will never expose their followers to information that shows them the power of ancient churches because such information will lead to the realization that modern places of worship are not serving their true purpose.

We should stop relying on religious leaders to tell us everything we need to know about the true purpose of the church, and we should strive to study and understand the true spiritual power of ancient places of worship. By doing so, we’ll acquire the knowledge and skills required for designing places of worship that can provide us with amazing spiritual effects without the assistance of deceitful religious leaders of modern society.


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  1. Sebastian

    October 30, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    Epic stuff bro…the moment we realize the powerlessness of our churches and religious leaders,,,that’s when the revolution will start. People will get tired of hope..

    • Isaac Wechuli

      October 30, 2019 at 5:01 pm

      true..,thats what we should be working on

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Life is Hard Because Virtue is Dead



Life is Hard Because Virtue is Dead

Since antiquity, great individuals such as Jesus, Muhammad, Socrates, Pythagoras, Epictetus, and Benjamin Franklin, advised their followers to be virtuous. According to them, being virtuous makes life easier or better.

I used to doubt this idea about virtue. However, after observing life in the modern society, I discovered that modern life is hard because people are unvirtuous. I realized that life could have been so wonderful if everyone embraced virtue by adopting qualities such as gentleness, self-discipline, courage, wisdom, kindness, perseverance, patience, love, contentment, and benevolence.

For instance, no one could be poor if we were all loving because we could have committed ourselves to helping each other. Politicians and capitalists could have avoided taking more than enough, and they could have given part of their wealth or profits to the poor.

N/B  – The world has enough resources for everyone. Things only appear scarce because some individuals took more than enough. They are too selfish to share, and they don’t care about the poor. In other words, they are unvirtuous.

Anyway, there could be no wars if people embraced the virtue of contentment. Throughout history, many wars occurred because of greed. Many people were killed because some countries wanted more than enough, and they used war to force other nations to surrender their resources to them.

Other than that, jealousy, hatred, and malice could never exist if we all embraced the virtue of benevolence: we could have been happy for other people’s success and we could have helped our relatives, friends, and neighbors build success instead of trying to pull them down.

In addition, people could never be stressed about the future if we all embraced the virtue of courage because it could have made us embrace change/uncertainty.

In summary, life would be so easy and sweet if everybody embraced virtue. We could have created heaven on earth. Suffering would end and life would stop appearing hard because we would have been willing to help each other overcome problems. Mental complications such as depression and anxiety would never exist because virtue eradicates factors such as competition, the need to appear better than others, the need to compare ourselves with others, and worrying about what other people think.

We could have seen the beauty of life, and for this reason, we could have spent most of our time praising the Creator for bringing us into an amazing world.

Therefore, life is not hard folks. We are making it hard by ignoring virtue, which is the key to an easy life.

Lastly, never curse your existence because you think life is hard. Instead, be thankful for life and embrace virtue because even if it will not make life easier for everyone, it will make your life easier. You’ll create a heaven for you and those around you.


Thanks for Reading

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Is Dreaming Meaningless? Taking a Deeper Look into Dreams



Is Dreaming Meaningless? Taking a Deeper Look into Dreams

For years, mainstream science has lied to us about dreams by informing us that dreams are meaningless. For this reason, most of us never try interpreting our dreams to find their deeper meaning.

I used to believe this scientific viewpoint of dreams. However, I doubted it after deeply analyzing my dreams.

While analyzing my dreams, I noticed that my dreams felt so real that sometimes I couldn’t know that I was dreaming. Besides, I realized that some of my dreams were prophetic because sometimes I dreamt about a situation that I would later experience in real life. As well, I noticed that I had bad dreams when stressed, and good dreams when I was happy with my life.

These realizations enlightened me that dreams are not meaningless as scientists claim because nothing meaningless can neither be prophetic nor can it have the ability to reflect emotions. Furthermore, feeling as if I was experiencing a real experience while dreaming encouraged me to believe that dreams had an importance that most of us don’t know.

I thus decided to study dreaming deeply, and I realized that many ancient people believed dreams were powerful. Most cultures believed dreams connect us to a spiritual reality, and therefore, we are always in the spiritual realm when we dream.

At the same time, some ancient cultures, e.g. the Egyptian and Mexican cultures, believed dreams provide us with coded messages from powerful spiritual entities. These cultures took dreams so seriously that they established schools specialized in dream interpretation.

Besides ancient cultures, I discovered that modern religions believe dreams are meaningful. For instance, Christian leaders preach that God speaks to us through dreams, and they use the story of Joseph to prove that dreams are messages from God. Also, Muslims believe dreams are important, and they believe some dreams come from the devil while others come from the ego.

Furthermore, many famous psychologists of the 19th century believed dreams were important. For instance, Carl Jung, a well-known psychologist, believed in the importance of dreams for as he wrote, ‘we have forgotten that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions.’

In addition, he also believed that ‘dreams are a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul, opening into that cosmic night which was psyche long before there was any ego-consciousness, and which will remain psyche no matter how far our ego-consciousness extends.’

Having said that, does it make sense that dreams are meaningless as mainstream scientists claim? Did ancient cultures, modern religions and psychologists guess the importance of dreams, or did they notice that dreams were important after studying them?

Anyway, I believe dreams are important, and the Illuminati, through mainstream science, deceived us about dreams because it didn’t want us to gain spiritual insights – from dreams – that can lead to a spiritual awakening.

The Illuminati usually strives to make everything meaningless since it doesn’t want us to ponder the magical mysteries of the universe that would lead to spiritual and mental growth. Therefore, one way to impede spiritual growth was to lie to us about dreams through mainstream science.

The good thing is that we are now awakening to the truth, and we’ll study and meditate on dreams until we understand the spiritual secrets within them that will help us awaken to our true spiritual nature, know the infinite possibilities of the physical world, and rise above the corrupt system of the Illuminati.

Thanks for reading. Peace be with you.

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