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What Modern Religious Leaders Don’t Want You to Know About Ancient Places of Worship



What Religious Leaders Don’t Want You to Know About Ancient Places of Worship

‘The ancient Chinese geomancers were trained in the art of astrology and the divination of the land, and they were skilled in finding the most auspicious place to build shrines and temples for emperors. They understood the life-giving qualities of the earth currents, and in certain places shaped their landscapes to harness its energy – the goal being to increase spiritual harmony within the environment.’ – Jerry Alan: The Hidden Teachings of Christian Mysticism

Although modern places of worship enable people to worship and pray to Infinite Intelligence/God, they are nothing when compared to ancient places of worship. Studying ancient history enlightened me that ancient places of worship had powerful spiritual effects on worshippers, and these effects were the main reason why many individuals visited the sacred places.

These effects occurred because the ancient places of worship were built on geomagnetic hotspots. These hotspots were energetically charged places, and ancient folks designed their places of worship to harness their energies. The ancient religious leaders then used these energies to heal people’s bodies, minds, and spirits.

Some places of worship never required the presence of a religious leader. The energy harnessed from the geomagnetic hotspots healed people’s bodies once they entered these places of worship. Furthermore, these energies enabled people to gain positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and they caused hallucinations, visions, and higher states of consciousness that allowed people to access the Akashic records.

Modern religious leaders would never want you to know these facts because they don’t want you, their primary source of income, to know the powerlessness of their places of worship. As well, they are afraid that knowing these things might enlighten you that, despite their religious positions, they lack the expertise needed to emulate the spiritual effects of ancient places of worship.

These leaders know that giving people hope is the only benefit their followers gain from attending their religious services, and they know that their places of worship lack the spiritual energies that can make their followers attain altered states of consciousness. For this reason, they will never expose their followers to information that shows them the power of ancient churches because such information will lead to the realization that modern places of worship are not serving their true purpose.

We should stop relying on religious leaders to tell us everything we need to know about the true purpose of the church, and we should strive to study and understand the true spiritual power of ancient places of worship. By doing so, we’ll acquire the knowledge and skills required for designing places of worship that can provide us with amazing spiritual effects without the assistance of deceitful religious leaders of modern society.


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  1. Sebastian

    October 30, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    Epic stuff bro…the moment we realize the powerlessness of our churches and religious leaders,,,that’s when the revolution will start. People will get tired of hope..

    • Isaac Wechuli

      October 30, 2019 at 5:01 pm

      true..,thats what we should be working on

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The Three Major Voices in our Heads and Why We Must Know Them



The Three Major Voices in our Heads and Why We Must Know Them

We all have voices in our heads, and some of us try silencing them because they sometimes cause depression, anxiety, or worry. Although these voices mostly cause feelings of distress, some of them can help us overcome obstacles and understand our true selves. It’s thus important to know the type of voice present in your head at any moment so that you know whether to ignore it or listen to it.

I wanted to know the different types of voices in my head, and therefore, I meditated on them, and I eventually realized that there are three major types of voices in our heads.

Here are they:

1.The Animal Voice

The animal voice mainly focuses on survival. It likes talking about food, water, sleep, sex, and other factors necessary for our survival. For instance, if you haven’t had sex for a long time, this voice will constantly talk about sex, and it will try to help you find a way to fulfill your sexual desires. Also, if you haven’t slept for a while, it will constantly tell you that you need to sleep since it knows that sleep is important to your survival.

2.The Ego Voice

This is the loudest and the main voice that speaks to us all the time. It’s created by our egoic-self.

The ego voice is highly judgmental and pessimistic. It fears uncertainty, and it will always talk you out of taking risks or doing anything with an uncertain outcome, even when it will be beneficial in the long-run. Besides, it likes knowing everything about the future, and for this reason, it will always overanalyze or try to predict the future.

The ego voice is usually confused since it is disconnected from reality. Lastly, it usually talks about your appearance and social status, and it worries when you encounter factors that make you feel less important.

3.The Voice of Infinite Intelligence/The Intuitive Voice/The Voice of God

Mastering the intuitive voice is the secret to spiritual growth because this voice loves directing you towards spiritual development by reminding you about the importance of spiritual practices. It also loves reminding you about your dreams and your heart’s desires so that you follow them and reach your full potential. Besides this, it cares about everybody, and it encourages you to be compassionate, loving, selfless, and benevolent.  

This voice is never confused, and everything makes sense when it speaks. We must learn to pinpoint and trust it because it always leads people towards prosperous and fulfilling lives.


It’s important to know the difference between these voices so that we know the voice that we must pay attention to, and the voice we must silence or ignore. Anyway, besides these voices, I believe there are many other voices in our heads. You are free to discuss them in the comment box below.


Thanks for reading. Namaste

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How Mainstream Academia Disconnected Us From Ancient Spirituality



How Mainstream Academia Disconnected Us From Ancient Spirituality

After analyzing mainstream academia for a while, I realized that it has disconnected us from ancient spirituality because it wants to keep us unenlightened.

One major way it has disconnected us from ancient spirituality is by classifying myths as stories with no value. Academia has resulted in a negative attitude towards mythology as it claims that myths were based on superstitions and fantasy. However, anyone who deeply analyzes myths realizes that they contain powerful spiritual lessons.

For instance, anyone who studies the Myth of Gilgamesh realizes that its creators wanted us to know that virtue results in immortality because, in the story, Gilgamesh realized that he would be remembered forever if he committed himself to becoming a virtuous king.

Besides myths, mainstream academia has concealed the truth about ancient blood sacrifices. Today, we never bother to study ancient blood sacrifices because academia brainwashed us into believing that they had no value. However, blood sacrifices were important because blood contains the essence of life force, and therefore, spiritual entities gained from these sacrifices in a way that mainstream academia refused to tell us.

Furthermore, academia has resulted in many people believing that polytheism was founded on a false belief system. However, many ancient history researchers now believe in the existence of many lesser gods, besides the Supreme God. They claim that it was from the lesser gods that the Christian and Muslim belief of angels was derived. As well, my analysis of ancient spirituality enlightened me that ancient people were polytheists because their strong connection to the spirit-world enabled them to see the lesser gods.

Moreover, mainstream academia instilled in us the belief that ancient religions were based on superstitions and are unreliable since they were created by primitive individuals. Academia avoids telling us that ancient spirituality was so powerful that it enabled the ancients to have a deep connection with nature. This connection enabled them to know medicinal, poisonous, and edible plants instinctively. Today, we spend lots of money to pinpoint edible and medicinal plants because we lost our connection with nature.

On top of that, I discovered that mainstream academia never informs us that today, many wealthy individuals secretly visit shamans – that still practice ancient spirituality – because they have realized the effectiveness of ancient spiritual practices.

In conclusion, I think we should start studying ancient spirituality and stop relying on the information that mainstream academia gives us about ancient spirituality because academia’s main aim is to convert us into dumb machines that work for the elite’s companies.


Thanks for Reading

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