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What Motivational Speakers Will Never Tell You



What Motivational Speakers Will Never Tell You

I’ve listened to motivational speakers for a long time. I love and respect their teachings because they encourage me to set big goals and work towards them. However, after about five years of contemplating life and the Creator, I discovered the teaching that motivational speakers avoid sharing. This teaching can enable us to understand why most of their teachings seldom work.

Motivational speakers usually advise us to embrace positive thinking, be courageous, and live in the moment. We usually do so after listening to their advice, but later, we become negative, fearful, and obsessively think about the future. We eventually believe that it is impossible to attain a positive mindset. For this reason, we stop listening to motivational speakers, believing that motivation does not work.

After falling sick, I realized that it is difficult to think positive thoughts despite reading more than 100 motivational/personal development books. It then dawned on me that trying to be positive is hard if I don’t work with the Creator. I noticed that most people who stayed positive during difficult times seldom listened to motivational speakers. Positive thinking was a by-product of prayer. It, therefore, dawned on me that motivational speakers teach the by-product of a prayerful life.

I realized that positive thinking, living in the present moment, overcoming the ego, and everything else that motivational speakers teach come easily to you when you work with the Creator by praying and allowing it/him/her to guide your life.

I then observed how the ancients approached life. Despite the many dangers the ancients faced, they were happier than us. They lived in the present moment and had a positive perception of life. They found happiness in sun-gazing, dancing, story-telling, painting, hunting, and almost all their activities. They seldom strived to be positive or live in the present moment: these factors came as a by-product of their prayerful life and constant effort to unite and work with the Creator.

Most ancient cultures were prayerful. They prayed during sunrise and sunset. They prayed when offering sacrifices, harvesting, planting, and eating. They prayed when bad things and good things happened. They always invited The Creator into their lives and believed in its power to make their paths straight.

Conversely, we (modern humans) seldom try to connect with The Creator. For most of us, God is dead. We try to live a good life by striving to live in the moment and staying positive but fail to do so. We are unaware that we will be more positive and in the present moment when we connect with God through prayer, contemplation, and many other spiritual practices.


May the Peace that is Beyond Understanding Be with You

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  1. kateloving

    April 1, 2021 at 9:09 pm

    Right ON! I agree totally.

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