What Proves God is Good And Willing to Help You?

What Proves God is Good And Willing to Help You?

Last Updated on September 17, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

I started questioning whether God is good after realizing that many people experience difficulty. I never questioned his existence because creation is enough evidence for God’s existence. I only questioned his inner nature.

Sometimes I wonder if God is really good, loving, and caring because nothing proves so. Or do you have proof that God is good and caring? Our prayers are seldom answered, life is unfair, and most of the time we get what we don’t want even after praying, and believing in God.

When bad things happen, we are always told to stay calm because it’s God’s will. It seems God forces his will on us, and what he wants will happen whether we like it or not.

What if God is an evil spirit who doesn’t give a freak about us? What if he enjoys seeing us suffering? What if he’s not interested in helping us achieve our dreams?

Recently, I realized that we always work for whatever we want. Nothing is given for free by any power. If you want inner peace, work on it. If you want riches, work hard, and if you want a stable relationship, work for it.

We have to work for everything we want, and we must not rely on a good and caring God to fulfill our desires because we don’t know the nature of God. He designed animals to mercilessly kill each other, and he allows accidents and other bad things to happen to good people.

I believe God is powerful because he created the world. I think he can use his power to ensure people experience heaven on earth. But I wonder why he doesn’t do so. Maybe God is not a good and caring God as Christians believe. Or maybe he’s never willing to help us experience a good life because he knows we can create the life we want.

Anyway,  do you believe God is caring and willing to help you? Can you prove your belief? I wrote this article to challenge people’s assumptions about God. I want people to understand that no one truly knows God’s character. People assume God is caring and willing to help just because religious leaders say so. There is inadequate proof of such claims.


N/B – I use the terms, ‘God,’ ‘his,’ and ‘him’ because they are the most common words used to refer to THE CREATOR. 

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  1. God is good cz helped me come to know about world and why am I living,why he created worldworld.and at the end I come to realized the value of us