Who is a real man

Who is a Real Man?

A real man believes in himself and follows his dreams. He does not fear the uncertainties and risks that accompany dream chasing. He prefers the anxiety of risk-taking to the depression of stagnation. He takes bold actions knowing that fortune favors the bold. While taking risks, he always reminds himself that the cowards – and not the bold – experience the greatest suffering.

A real man embraces Amor Fati. That is, he is ready to face whatever life throws at him. If the present moment is good for him, he becomes thankful, if not, he does not resist. He welcomes difficulties, realizing that they are part of life and to resist them is to resist the flow of life. He also understands that every challenge a man overcomes results in stronger willpower, self-confidence, and more trust in the flow of life.

A real man must be ready for life’s trials and tests and he must believe he will pass them. He must be grateful for the trials because they force him to discover his greatest abilities. He understands, as Jim Rohn writes that, “life is designed to be a story of achievement in spite of adversity, not in the absence of adversity, for without adversity achievement could not exist.”

A real man embraces spirituality. He knows that he is part of the Higher Power that created the world. He strives to understand his divinity and connect with the Higher Power – which is his higher self – through spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, and prayer. He trusts that his Higher Power/Higher Self will straighten his paths.

A real man realizes that his thoughts, imagination, and actions create his reality. Thus, he thinks positively, always visualizes a beautiful future, and works like hell. Although he is aware that circumstances and many other unknown forces also shape his reality, a real man does not blame them for his misfortunes. He does not complain about them. Instead, he knows that these factors are nothing to those who boldy commit to their dreams.

A real man does not beg women for love or sex. He controls his sexual urges, knowing that excess sex is detrimental to his physical, intellectual, and spiritual development. He realizes that women are not more special than him and avoids chasing them. He focuses on his dreams, knowing that thousands of women will chase him if he lives an authentic and successful life.

Be a real man. Don’t be a simp. Follow your dreams, take risks, believe in yourself, and work hard.

Choose action, not laziness. Choose trust, not doubt. Choose boldness, not cowardice, choose risk, not safety, and most importantly, know that nothing is impossible for he who becomes a real man.