Why Ego is the Main Source of Anger and Envy (Ego Part 2)

Last Updated on August 1, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

After realizing that the ego impedes personal growth, I decided to study and think deeply about it. It then dawned on me that the ego is our enemy because it’s the primary source of anger and envy.

The ego as I defined in the article, The Era of the Ego and the Destruction of Intuition, is a feeling of self-importance. The ego makes you believe you are more important than other members of the society and, therefore, you must be heard, respected, admired, and followed. It makes you believe you are always right and everybody else is wrong.

The ego can result in you being angered by petty issues. For instance, insults (even from kids), and petty jokes will make you angry if you are egoistic. You’ll get frustrated because you expected the people insulting you to respect your ‘high-status’ or inflated sense of self. You’ll even get mad when people ignore you or argue with you because the ego believes you deserve attention and you are always right.

Besides causing anger, the ego also causes envy. You become envious when you feel resentful when other people progress, succeed, or attain something you don’t have.

The ego causes envy because it hates to see others appear more important than you. If your neighbor succeeds or buys something you believe makes her more important than you, the ego will feel bad because your neighbor’s progress makes it feel inferior or less important. The ego always wants you to be ahead of everybody so that you become the most important person. It feels hurt when others progress faster than you and appear more important: hence, making you feel envious.

For this reason, the next time you feel angry or envious, realize that it’s the ego causing these feelings. Then separate yourself from the ego and know that it’s an illusion since it isn’t your true self. Your true self is an extension of Infinite Intelligence/Cosmic Consciousness, and it never gets angry because it interprets everything positively. Lastly, it’s never envious because it understands that we are all connected.


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