Why We Are Our Biggest Enemy

Why We Are Our Biggest Enemy

Last Updated on September 22, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

Most of us blame life for our misfortunes and frustrations. We think we are unhappy because life is not on our side. Little do we know that we are our biggest enemy because we are frustrated although life blessed us with wonderful things that ensure we live well.

We are our biggest enemy because:

Life blessed us with imagination so that we become creative and use our creativity to improve ourselves. However, we use imagination to visualize the worst-case scenario. Moreover, it gave us memory to remember and correct our past mistakes, but we use it to relive the bad things that happened in the past.

Life also gave us an intuitive voice to guide us, but we let our egos direct us towards unfulfilling lives. It provided us with the stars to please our eyes and beautiful views to relax the mind, but we find these wonders useless.

Life also gave us a mind with powerful magnetic forces to help us attract what we mostly dwell on, but we dwell on negative thoughts and therefore, we attract negative events into our lives. It also created many human beings so that we support and love each other, but we are selfish, and we wish harm on others. We then attract adversity because wishing harm on others lowers our vibration.

Furthermore, life ensures we get whatever we want so long as we are courageous, but we fear taking risks and complain when we don’t experience progress. It gave us talents that can employ us and allow us to reach our full potential, but we choose to work in boring jobs that never lead to growth.

Life gave us amazing bodies to enable us to fully experience the physical world. But we hate our bodies because we compare them with unrealistic bodies the media shows us.

Life gave us a self-healing body that naturally gets rids of toxins, and medicinal plants that treat various diseases, but we invest in pharmaceutical drugs that only eliminate the symptoms of our illnesses. We complain when we can’t access health care yet there are many affordable traditional treatment methods that can completely eradicate our ailments.

Besides, we are never thankful to Infinite Intelligence for allowing us to experience life in a physical realm. And we don’t live fully by living moment by moment and trusting that everything will fall into place. Lastly, we never meditate on life to realize how life always ensures that we live well. For this reason, we are our biggest enemy.


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