How Positive Thinking Works

Last Updated on October 17, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

After reading many personal development books, I realized that most of them place great emphasis on positive thinking. The authors usually advise us to think positively so that we attract good things. However, some people doubt whether positive thinking attracts positive circumstances because their life seldom happens in accordance with their thoughts.

After trying out positive thinking, I realized that no matter how positive you think, life will still bring you challenges and misfortunes. For this reason, positive thinking doesn’t prevent bad things from happening.

Recently, I learned that positive thinking enables you to attain inner peace regardless of what is happening, and makes you have a positive perception towards problems.

Reality is a matter of perception. A negative thinker hates the fact that a rose flower has thorns while a positive thinker loves the fact that a thorny plant has roses. A negative thinker succumbs to intense anxiety and depression when he faces a problem, but a positive thinker sees an obstacle as an opportunity to grow and develop some skills.

For this reason, be positive, but realize that positive thinking is purely psychological; it won’t force life to bring you good circumstances. Just like prayer, it enables you to have faith and hope. It makes you believe that good things will happen and gives you the confidence to follow your dreams.

To conclude, don’t only think positively and expect life to bring you unlimited opportunities. Instead, think positively, work hard, and wait.

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  1. Positive thinking help us to have a positive attitude towards something.creating perception that any dream is achievable