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12 Big Questions Even Jesus Couldn’t Answer



illustrates the mysteriousness of the questions

From where were we before birth to what happens immediately after death, here are 12 big questions that the greatest minds, including Jesus, couldn’t answer.

1.Where were we before birth?

Did we exist before birth? In what form did we exist? Why couldn’t we remember our existence?

2.Where did Infinite Intelligence/God come from?

Was God ever present? Did God have a beginning? From what/where did God arise from?

3.What do animals think about?

What do animals think about apart from food, water, shelter, and sex?

4.What is the purpose of creation?

Does creation have a purpose? Why did Infinite Intelligence create the physical world? Why did The Creator manifest itself in a physical form? Is it experiencing itself?

5.If nature can survive without man, why did Infinite Intelligence create man?

Many people have observed that nature can flourish without human beings and that people are responsible for the extinction of several plants and animals. For this reason, people wonder why man was created.

6.Is the time of our death predestined by a Higher Power?

Is death a random occurrence? Does the universe determine the day of our death? Does God/the Universe know when we’ll die?

7.Where does the soul reside?

Does the soul reside in a specific part of the body, e.g the brain, or does it reside in all parts of the body?

8.How do migratory birds find their way?

Migratory birds regularly migrate over thousands of miles to the same spots without using a compass. For thousands of years, great minds have tried to solve this mystery with no success. No one, even Jesus, realized how these birds mysteriously found their way.

9.Why Didn’t Infinite Intelligence/God Create a Perfect World?

Why couldn’t God create a perfect place if ‘he’ could create anything? Why did ‘he’ have to create a place that allows suffering?

10.Does the cosmos have an edge?

Does the cosmos have a boundary? Is there a place where one can look ‘beyond’ the cosmos?

11.How Does God Look Like?

Does God have a face or is God pure energy? Does God have a spiritual form or is ‘he’ a formless being as many religions speculate?

12.What happens immediately when we die?

Do we float and see our bodies immediately after we die? Do we appear in a spiritual realm? Or do we stop experiencing awareness forever?


These questions show the mysteriousness of the world we live in. They show us that no matter how spiritual or intellectual we become, we’ll never fully understand life because it was created by an Infinite Intelligence that is beyond our understanding. Besides, they remind us to humble ourselves before this Infinite Intelligence that ensured we had limited minds – when compared to it – for reasons it only knows.



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  1. Purity

    June 26, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    This questions are beyond any human intelligence and believe that God made it that way for a reason….
    I love reading the book of Psalms 139 and Ephesians 1

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20 Powerful Spiritual Truths You Must Know Right Now



After reading several spiritual books and meditating every day, I realized the following truths, which I believe everyone must know.

  1. What you do unto others shall be done unto you.
  2. You exist within the Creator. Therefore, your blessings and opportunities are infinite.
  3. If Jesus came today, none of us would have believed that he was the Son of God.
  4. You’ll experience a spiritual awakening once you realize the true history of man.
  5. Many spiritual beings exist among us, and we’ll only see them when we raise our states of consciousness.
  6. Once you know the esoteric knowledge the Illuminati possesses, you’ll never be the same again.
  7. Myths have hidden spiritual truths in them. Therefore, don’t ignore them completely.
  8. No one, including those who wrote the Bible, knows how God created the world.
  9. Always study nature because the principles of the Creator are written in nature.
  10. The most important spiritual knowledge is found in banned biblical books and secret societies.
  11. Everyone has magical powers; the problem is that nobody bothers to awaken them.
  12. We are controlled by the Illuminati because we are led by our egos. It could be impossible for them to control us if we lived as our higher-selves.
  13. Immortal kings or Gods once ruled the earth.
  14.  The more you fight the ego, the more it grows. The only way to overcome the ego is to practice living as your higher-self.
  15. If you focus on material things and ignore spiritual development, you’ll never be fulfilled.
  16. Only those who avoid competing with others can live in harmony with others.
  17. The search for God is madness for God exists within the seeker.
  18.  Your true self, which is creative, clairvoyant, and magical, will never arise if you attach yourself to the ego/false self.
  19. Once you stop comparing your present moment with memories, you’ll see the blessings within every moment.
  20. ‘You’ll never lack anything if you study the laws that govern the universe and live by them.


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An Amazing Occultic Interpretation of the Most Powerful Bible Verses



Since the ancient times, occult teachings were only shared among priests and royal classes. Occultists were not allowed to share secret spiritual knowledge with the masses because the royal classes wanted to keep the masses dumb.

Today, we are lucky because we can access several occult teachings through books written by famous occultists such as Gerald Gardner and William Walker Atkinson.

I have read several books that provide amazing occult teachings and I fell in love with William Atkinson’s book, The Inner Teachings of the Master. In the book, Atkinson explains the history of Christianity and provides an occult interpretation of Biblical verses.

In this article, I’ll share with you his interpretation of the most powerful Bible verses.


  • Matthew 5:3 – “Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven

Blessed are those who renounce petty ambitions of the world and vainglory because they will realize their real-self.

  • Matthew 5:4 – Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

The meek are individuals who respect the spirit within and submit themselves to its guidance. These individuals are blessed because they will become masters of earthly things. They will rise above temporary things and become earthly lords because they will access the Kingdom within them.

  • Matthew 5: 8 – Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Those who attain purity of the heart and recognize that God exists within them will see God in everything.

  • Matthew 5: 9 – Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God.

Those who bring peace by informing people that all religions teach the same things and that there is only one God in all ceremonies, dogmas, and titles, are the Sons of God.

  • Matthew 5: 17 – 18 –‘Think not that I came to destroy the law of the prophets: I came not to destroy, but to fulfill.

Jesus believed in the ancient wisdom of the ancient prophets, and he did not come to destroy it. He wanted people to know that he came to provide more teachings about it.

  • Matthew 5: 39 – ‘You have heard that it was said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but I say unto you, resist not him that is evil, but whosoever smiteth thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.’

All occultists must have a positive mental attitude towards others, and they must be aware that higher thoughts of love neutralize evils and eradicate negative emotions such as hatred and anger.

  • Matthew 7: 7 -12 – Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find…..What man is there of you if his son asks him for a loaf will give him a stone…All things, therefore whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, even so, do unto them.’

Here, Jesus wanted people to live by faith in the Spirit, and he wanted people to know that the way they treat others will determine how people will treat them.


Thanks for Reading, and Peace be With Ye.

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