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20 Powerful Semen Retention Quotes from The Coiled Serpent by C.J Van Vliet

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C.J. Van Vliet’s book, ‘The Coiled Serpent’, is a must-read for anyone interested in celibacy/semen retention. Vliet exposes the side effects of sexual indulgence and celibacy’s physical and spiritual benefits. Besides, he reveals ancient perceptions of celibacy and its importance in occultism, magic, yoga, and psychism.

After reading this book, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of celibacy/semen retention and you’ll want to start your semen retention journey immediately. Those who are on the journey cannot relapse after reading the book. Vliet will help you understand why semen retention or celibacy is so precious.  

I have read the ‘The Coiled Serpent’ twice and gathered these quotes:

  1. “In the world of Superman, the uncoiled serpent has been disentangled forever from sex, and its energy has been transmuted into almost unlimited knowledge and supreme spiritual power.”
  2. “All sensuous impressions form a wall between the soul and the world of reality. Absolute truth does not exist for sensuous man.”
  3. “Once having freed oneself from the entanglements of the fleshly lust, man enters into a higher state of consciousness, and automatically begins to grow toward the cosmic-consciousness of the superman.”
  4. “The rightful heritage of man, can already now successfully be claimed by all who are willing to renounce the deceptive excitements of sense and of sex for the ecstatic cosmic consciousness, the consciousness of oneness.”
  5. “Only by rising in consciousness above sex can the oneness of all life be realized. For sex itself is an expression of duality, and all self-gratifying sexual activity emphasizes and strengthens the separative personality.”
  6. “Except for the lowest forms of sorcery, sexual purity has long been considered a necessary asset for almost any kind of magical performance.”
  7. “In the magical tradition of all ages it has been generally surmised that “the chaste individual was the abode of supernatural power. Also that sexual purity insured protection against evil influences, that for instance “a person cannot be bewitched … if he has extinguished all the surgings of carnal concupiscence.”
  8. “Far from enhancing higher faculties of the soul, each physical sexual act which lacks propagative consecration is a deterrent to those faculties.”
  9. “True art can only be produced by one who keeps the channel for inspiration free from sensual obstructions — be it only in preparation for and during the execution of a special work. There are great “artists who feel most fit for work when refraining entirely from sexual intercourse.”
  10. “Even without looking for spiritual attainments the normal growth of intellect itself depends upon a strict limitation of sexual expression.”
  11. “The more continently one lives the better work one can produce, because in body and in mind “energy is gained by the establishment of continence.”
  12. “The tradition of sex necessity is a dangerous lie, particularly as it is founded on the false assumption that cohabitation is essential to health.”
  13. “Continence would be of the greatest help in humanity’s struggle against illness, because in the continent person, the undiminished internal secretions of the sex glands are better able to fulfill their task of keeping the system immune to infections.”
  14. “Apparently those who originally laid down the rules for even the most primitive aboriginal religious usages were acquainted with the fact that sensuality so coarsens the vibrations of the body as to exclude the finer vibrations of spirit.”
  15. By sexual gratification one “renders himself unfit for spiritual things”— unfit therefore to be another’s spiritual guide. Only perfect celibates can truly and effectively aid others in reaching up to spirit; and even then only if their celibacy is freely chosen, an outcome of their own inner conviction.”
  16. ‘Thus among the early Christians we find the old, yet ever new and ever true teaching that those who can should overcome the serpent, “the creeping monster which . . . devours the earth.” “They should do so because “the desire of lust makes one a stranger to the language of the spirit.”
  17. “Therefore “all the great mystics observed strict continence.” “True mysticism has nothing whatever to do with sexuality.” The true mystic  has risen above sex to the planes where sex is not.”
  18. “No one can be enlightened unless he be first purified.” And “purity is this: that a man withdraws from all unchaste deeds in whatever manner they be.”’ For “unchastity in actions takes away the purity of the body…unchastity in thoughts takes away the purity of the soul.”
  19. “Chastity is the power which opens the soul to the things of heaven”, whereas “fleshly likings take a man far from the clear sight of spiritual things.”
  20. “Spiritual, mental, or magnetic healing can be accomplished only by the celibate.”

I believe ‘The Coiled Serpent’s’ quotes have encouraged you to retain your seed and let the serpent force within you rise.

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