21 Amazing Jaguar Wright Quotes

21 Jaguar Wright Quotes

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Jaguar Wright, an American singer, is a woman who enables us to see the world through a lens unclouded by pretense by sharing uncomfortable truths of life.

Jaguar Wright is known to confront the injustices in show-business and fearlessly talk negatively about the rich and famous.

Jaguar Wright is a beacon of hope for people who will not back down, encouraging them to courageously speak their truth.

Here are some of her quotes I noted down while watching her interviews.

  1. “What guarantees do you have in life other than your hard work and sweat?”
  2. “Everybody wants guarantees yet the best things that happen in life are surprises.”
  3. “When you start fcking with somebody else, everything that you’re picking out about them is everything that you hate about yourself. You can only talk about what you know about.”
  4. “The truth is I want to help heal the world in every way I possibly can to make up for all of the destruction that I brought to it.”
  5. “It’s always important to me that I am a self-made woman. I didn’t have to be screwed to get into the game.”
  6. “Whoever you are, that’s you and you should have the right to be you.”
  7. “The white man has been scared of you (black man) for years because of everything that is in your blood that all you need to do is activate and you will become the captain, the man of whatever you set.”
  8. “Music isn’t about music anymore. It’s about image.”
  9. “Without each other we can’t work.”
  10. “There’s only three different kinds of careers in this world where a woman’s safety and respect for her body are totally disregarded: strippers, sex workers and female entertainers.”
  11. “My advice to any female who wants to get into the music business: have a thick skin, do not drink alcohol, never get high in front of anybody, and keep somebody close to you that you know at all times.”
  12. “Everybody’s trying to figure out how to pay me off to shut me up because they think money’s gonna shut me up and money ain’t gonna shut me up. I don’t give no fuck about money.”
  13. “People are trying to make black men look weak.”
  14. “I don’t love some of the biggest things I’m ever going to lose in my life.”
  15. “At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself what you are living for. Are you living for what you are building for yourself or are you living to be in somebody else’s pockets.”
  16. “Most Americans are so used to being spoon-fed information that they don’t even bother to go look for it.”
  17. “Most Americans are followers: they believe everything they’re told.”
  18. “Don’t give love to nobody that doesn’t deserve it. Save it and put it where it belongs.”
  19. “People talking about you behind your back are behind you.”
  20. “I just think celebrity relationships sometimes overshadow really brilliant artistry.”
  21. “The best part of artistry is meeting the artist that actually lives the music they produce.”

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