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21 Mind-Opening Joe Dispenza’s Quotes That Will Change Your Life Forever



Joe Dispenza is a chiropractor who uses his extensive knowledge in brain chemistry, quantum physics, and neuroscience to enlighten you about the law of attraction and the importance of living in the present moment.

I have watched his videos on YouTube, and currently, I’m reading his amazing book: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. I love Joe Dispenza because he teaches metaphysical ideas in a scientific way.

Here are some of his mind-opening quotes

  1. ‘Start your day with this simple question. What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?’
  2. ‘When you are in the present moment, you are the most creative.’
  3. ‘You are either defined by a vision of the future or by the memories of the past.’
  4. ‘You and I are at our absolute best when we get beyond ourselves.’
  5. ‘All possibilities exist in the eternal now.’
  6. ‘The moment you start to feel abundant and worthy, you are generating wealth.’
  7. ‘Self-love is no longer about pleasure or having a car. It’s something that you are cultivating within you.’
  8. ‘The end-game for me is to empower people to such a degree that they realize that they need fewer things outside of them to make them happy and that they begin to use that power that we all have access to.’
  9. ‘There is an intelligence that’s giving you life that’s always present and many people don’t take the time to connect with by being present.’
  10.  ‘If you think 60 to 70 thousand thoughts in one day and 90% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before and you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny, your life’s not gonna change very much.’
  11. ‘If you understand the laws of creation you are less likely to compete and rush to get what you want. You are gonna know that what you want is gonna come to you.’
  12. ‘When you become nobody, no one, no thing, nowhere, and no time, that’s the moment that your consciousness lines up with consciousness of the field.’
  13. ‘When we have the mind and body, our thought and action, intent and behavior, all working together, we have the power of the universe behind us.’
  14. ‘At the end of your day, before you lay down, give thanks for your life.’
  15. ‘Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. And how you think and how you feel creates your state of being. So most people’s entire state of being, when they start their day, is already in the past.’
  16. ‘Your personality (how you think, act, and feel) creates your personal reality.’
  17. ‘As long as you are thinking equal to your environment, you’ll keep creating the same life. To truly change is to think greater than your environment.’
  18. ‘So much of our struggle as human beings is that the mind and the body are always working in opposition. We can consciously declare one thing, but we have conditioned the body over time to live in a different chemical state.’
  19. ‘Most people try to create a new personal reality with the same personality and it doesn’t work.’
  20. ‘The hardest part about change, is not making the same choice as you did the day before. And the moment you decide to make a different choice get ready because it’s going to feel uncomfortable.’
  21. ‘When you overcome your senses, when you understand that you are not bound by the chains of your past—when you live a life that is greater than your body, your environment, and time—all things are possible. The universal intelligence that animates the existence of all things will both surprise and delight you. It wants nothing more than to provide you with access to all you want.’

Which of the above Joe Dispenza’s quotes did you love the most?

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  1. Dee Coxon

    April 25, 2019 at 12:54 pm

    #3 ‘You are either defined by a vision of the future or by the memories of the past.’

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Top 21 Most Inspiring Gabrielle Bernstein Quotes



Gabrielle Bernstein, also known as The Spirit Junkie, is a spiritual life coach and bestselling author.  Her teachings are motivational and they focus on miracles, connecting with the Divine, and cultivating self-love.

She has written six empowering books and she founded a social networking website for women. Moreover, she has appeared at TedEX talks and Super Soul Sessions.

Here are 21 of her most inspiring quotes.

  1. ‘Obstacles are detours in the right direction.’
  2. ‘When you rely on a power greater than you, that is when you become fierce.’
  3. ‘When we do what brings us joy, the universe clears the path.’
  4.  ‘When we choose to align our thoughts with the thoughts of love, god, peace, grace, and compassion, that’s when we begin to experience miraculous changes in our lives.’
  5. ‘Trust that your wounds are exactly as the universe planned. They were divinely placed in your life in the perfect order so that you could show up for them with love and remember the light within.’
  6. ‘The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are relying on your own strength.’
  7. ‘The universe is an ever-present energy of love that is within you and around you, guiding you and supporting you.’
  8. ‘When we align with that presence of God, we are powerful.’
  9. ‘We are here on a journey of unlearning fear and remembering love.’
  10. ‘When we ask we will always receive. It’s the law.’
  11. ‘Release your plans to the universe. Trust and know that there is a solution of the highest good: there is a plan that is far better than yours, and get out of the way.’
  12. ‘A miracle is a shift in perception.’
  13. ‘Your success will come when you commit to joy.’
  14. ‘If you are not sure exactly how you are gonna use your purpose, or what you gonna do with it, just lean towards joy and you’ll be led.’
  15. ‘When we align with that presence of God, miracles become natural.’
  16. ‘Let yourself be moved by your desire to be free.’
  17. ‘Your purpose is to be light. Being the light means living in joy, and bringing joy wherever you go.’
  18. ‘When we dwell in the energy of joy and happiness, we become a magnet of that which we desire.’
  19. ‘The biggest and most important element of manifesting is to cultivate the feeling of what it is that you want to experience.’
  20. ‘When we don’t feel good, we aren’t aligned with God.
  21. ‘Courage means that you are willing to go into the depths of your wounds knowing that you can come out the other side and shine.’

Hope the quotes inspired you. Anyway, you can find Gabrielle Bernstein on her YouTube channel.

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20 Great Quotes by Facebook’s Founder Mark Zuckerberg – (Net worth – $67.5 Billion)



Mark Zuckerberg, mainly known for co-founding Facebook, is one of America’s wealthiest entrepreneurs. He’s famous for becoming the world’s youngest billionaire at age 23.

Mark Zuckerberg is a humble individual who believes he couldn’t have succeeded without his team. For this reason, he believes a good team is essential for success. Besides, he believes in being bold and having a sense of purpose.

Here are some of his great quotes I am happy to share with you.

  1. ‘Move fast, be bold, and focus on impact.’
  2. ‘In a world that’s changing so quickly, the biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk.’
  3. ‘Entrepreneurship is learning as quickly as you can.’
  4. ‘I really do be believe if you do something good and if you help people out, eventually some portion of that good will come back to you.’
  5. ‘Nothing is impossible. You just have to keep running through the walls.
  6. ‘Overnight success happens after you work for a long period of time to build something.’
  7. ‘Purpose is what creates true happiness.’
  8. ‘Entrepreneurs that build things that last for a long time keep going because they care fundamentally about the change that they are trying to create in the world.’
  9. ‘No one starts off knowing everything that they’ll need to build something.’
  10. ‘Purpose is that feeling that you are a part of something bigger than yourself, that you are needed, and that you have something better ahead to work for.’
  11. ‘Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started.’
  12. ‘Don’t even bother trying to avoid mistakes because you are gonna make tons of mistakes.’
  13. ‘The main thing that you need to do is just not give up and know what you wanna do.’
  14. ‘The biggest things that have gotten done in the world tend to be done by people who primarily believe in a mission and are not trying to build a company.’
  15. ‘To keep our society moving forward, we have a generational challenge – to not only create new jobs, but to create a renewed sense of purpose.’
  16. ‘We all know we don’t succeed just by having a good idea or working hard. We succeed by being lucky too.’
  17. ‘I always think that you should start with the problem that you are trying to solve in the world, and not start with deciding that you wanna build a company.
  18. ‘No one does it alone. You need to build the best team that you can.’
  19. ‘The way that you achieve the best long term value is by building real value in the world.’
  20. ‘So many things go wrong when you are starting a company.’

Which of the above Mark Zuckerberg quotes did you like the most? You are free to add more of his quotes in the comment box below.

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