27 Powerful Spiritual Quotes from A New Light on Ascension by Diana Cooper

27 Powerful Spiritual Quotes from A New Light on Ascension by Diana Cooper

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A New Light on Ascension is a book that all spiritualists must read. In the book, Diana Cooper teaches us how to ascend to higher realms. Particularly, she enlightens us about the ways of attaining inner peace, abundance, freedom, and so on.   As well, she provides insightful information about angels, spirit guides, intergalactic work, and higher chakras.

This article allows me to share with you the quotes I noted down while reading Diana Cooper’s amazing book.


  1. ‘If you harbor ill thoughts against another person or situation, you hold a ball of that low-vibration energy within you and low vibration action will be perpetrated repeatedly against you until you release the anger and find a loving perspective.
  2. ‘Remember challenges are opportunities to grow. They would not be offered if you were not ready.’
  3. ‘If you stand with your forehead against a tree or an ancient stone and make the sound aah, you will unconsciously wake up to more of your true divinity.’
  4. ‘Masters have always been able to still their minds and receive high-frequency truth and wisdom directly from the Mind of God.’
  5. ‘Serenity, balance and calm confer great power, for they enable you to be flooded with Divine energy.’
  6. ‘Until we recognize that we are all part of the universal consciousness and that, at an energetic level, we are in everything and everything resides within us, we cannot ascend.’
  7. ‘Spiritual work done at the time of the full moon has a greater impact than at other times.’
  8. ‘When you bless your food, it lights up, and any negative energy put into it before it reached your table is transmuted.’
  9. ‘You do not have to believe in angels to access their help and guidance. Ask and they will come close to smooth your way.’
  10. ‘Everyone has a spirit guide for no one walks on Earth alone.’
  11. ‘As we wake up from our soul asleep and start to become purer, lighter and more focused on a spiritual life, we attract higher spirit guides to our vibrations.’
  12. ‘Love is the active ingredient which activates the Law of Grace, so whenever we do something for another from pure love and compassion, we offer grace.’
  13. ‘Major fears that you have in your life are dragons on your pathway. They prevent you from moving forward and block your clarity. Even if you escape them by taking another route you will still have to face them sometime! Remember, fear serves love. Tune in for guidance and overcome your dragons.’
  14. ‘We are incredible, amazing beings trapped in the chains of repeating patterns, rigid mindsets and emotional beliefs. It is time now to free ourselves from mental and emotional chains so that we can ascend.’
  15. ‘Anyone whose world is limited to the material and physical is riddled with fears, doubts and illusions. To see with restricted vision and beliefs is to limit your power of creation. The material, physical world is known as the plane of illusion. When we decide to move to a spiritual plane, previously unseen doors start to open. The fourth plane is the plane of unconditional love. Here we accept that we are spirit and become aware that we create our reality.’
  16. ‘Each one of us is responsible for creating our reality. Our thoughts, words, emotions, willpower and actions direct our life and when we totally accept this, our life changes. We begin to understand the overall mission of our life. Then we can unlock our prison doors and fly free.’
  17. ‘Every time we need outside validation we are dependent on others, for we have given someone else authority over our soul. When we keep seeking advice and help instead of listening to our intuition and making up our own mind, we hand our power over.’
  18. ‘Every single moment of life offers an opportunity for spiritual growth. This is because we are constantly thinking and every thought raises or lowers our vibrational frequency.’
  19. ‘If you feel tension starting, which is the disconnection from God beginning to take place, deepen your breathing and slow it down. Deep, slow breaths reconnect us, for it is not just oxygen we are taking in but prana, which is the Divine life force.’
  20. ‘What you give from your heart without counting the cost is returned to you the same way tenfold.’
  21. ‘Devote yourself to the highest. When you can discipline your mind and emotions and focus them with clarity and intent, you will manifest with power and wisdom.’
  22. ‘The average person has a mind which is all over the place. The Masters keep their mind focused on the goal until it inevitably comes out.’
  23. ‘The higher we raise our vibrations, the less necessary action is. In the fifth dimension, will, thought, and emotions alone are enough to manifest.’
  24. ‘Intuition comes not only in flashes of knowing, but also in feelings of enthusiasm and excitement, a sense of rightness.’
  25. ‘People who follow their inner guidance become peaceful, happy, fulfilled people.’
  26. ‘No one has the right to say, ‘This is the truth, for no one has the whole picture while in a human body.’
  27. ‘Suppressed or denied emotions block your chakras, while wild out-of-control feelings leave you open and out of balance. The aim is to flow emotionally by honoring feelings and expressing them as you feel.’

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  1. it’s always interesting how one or two of these concepts will jump out and speak to a thing or two that is up for consideration. A broad assortment from which to contemplate!