4 Unique Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Last Updated on August 16, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

1. Avoid criticising your ideas
Over-criticizing our ideas kills creativity by making us think that all our ideas are bad. However, there is no perfect idea: all ideas have flaws.

You must be less critical of your ideas even when they seem abstract, crazy, and far-fetched.

2. Allow yourself to be comfortable with not knowing the right answer.

                                                    Socrates – He who thinks he knows, knows not.
For you to become knowledgeable you must always accept the fact that you do not know the right answer to any problem. Believing that you know all solutions to your problems kills your creative abilities because the mind assumes there is no problem to solve. Conversely, not knowing boosts creativity by leading to inquisitiveness.

3. Embrace uncertainty
Stability and security are the primary killers of creativity because they make the mind inactive. Conversely, uncertainty is good for creativity because it keeps the mind active by forcing you to innovate ways of attaining certainty.

4. Intense focus
People who focus on their fields always become highly creative. Musicians always come up with wonderful songs because music is all they ever do. People like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla discovered amazing facts about physics because they studied and meditated on it.


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