5 Awesome Benefits of Becoming ‘Unmaterialistic’

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Most personal development teachers, including Gary Vaynerchuck, agree that unmaterialistic people have high chances of succeeding. This idea made me think deeply and research about materialism. I then realized that becoming unmaterialistic is beneficial because of the following reasons.

  1. You stop being scared to follow your passion

There are high chances you’ll be broke for a while if you follow your passion because it might take long before you monetize it. For this reason, it will be hard to follow your passion if you are materialistic as you won’t withstand being broke and unable to buy things.

However, if you become unmaterialistic, you will bravely follow your passion because you can afford to be broke, and you can also live with little material possessions while monetizing your passion.

  1. You invest in productive ventures

A lot of us claim we don’t have money for investing, but the funny thing is that we have lots of money for buying expensive gadgets. Our obsession with material possessions has resulted in us prioritizing them. Today, people can spend $ 1,000 on a TV set but still claim they don’t have money for starting a business.

If you end your obsession with material possessions, you’ll realize that you have a lot of money to invest. Trust me, the money you spend on buying the latest gadgets is enough to start a million-dollar company.

  1. You stop comparing yourself to others

People who love comparing themselves to others are materialistic because their main basis of comparison is usually material possessions. They compare their friends’ stuff with theirs to determine their social positions.

For this reason, you’ll lose interest in comparing yourself if you are not excessively concerned with material possessions.

  1. You become less worried

If you become unmaterialistic, you worry less because you won’t be attached to too many temporary things. The temporariness of material possessions makes materialistic people worry about their possessions becoming obsolete. Besides this, materialistic people worry more because they often think about the possibility of losing their possessions.

  1. You become grateful

Materialistic people are seldom grateful because they are never satisfied with what they have. They are so busy looking for the next thing to buy that they fail to be thankful for what they have.

Therefore, if you become unmaterialistic you’ll always be thankful because you’ll focus on what you have, and not what to buy.

Concluding Remarks

Avoid prioritizing material things and you’ll be one step ahead because you will bravely go your own way, and you’ll have extra money to invest in your dream. Besides this, you‘ll attain inner peace because you’ll stop comparing yourself with others, and you’ll be less worried. Lastly, you will be happier because you’ll be grateful for what you have.

‘If I convince you that you don’t need shit, you will be off to the races. If you could unmaterialistic yourself, you will be fu?king far.’ – Gary Vaynerchuk, American Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, TV personality

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