4 Common Features of The World’s Greatest Inventors

Last Updated on October 17, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

I used to think Great Inventors were extraordinary individuals. After studying most of them I discovered that they were ordinary people with the following characteristics that made them extraordinary.

  1.  A Burning Desire
It is true that a BURNING DESIRE ensures success because all inventors had this obsessive desire to discover something. Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanized rubber, had a great desire for realizing a formula for treating rubber. Einstein’s great desire to understand how the universe works led to the Theory of Relativity.

  2.  Focus
What you focus on expands is a very true principle because it worked for all inventors. A deep analysis of inventors reveals that these people mainly read books related to their field of study and worked on their inventions everyday.
Focus magnifies a natural ability into an extraordinary one –Big Sean

  3.  Voracious Readers
All inventors loved reading books. Benjamin Franklin loved reading so much that his father sent him to work in a printing shop. The Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein were also voracious readers. Reading leads to creativity because it exercises the mind and improves critical thinking.

  4.  Worked Hard
Inventors worked hard on turning their ideas into reality. They spent all their days working on their ideas that most of them had no time for sleep and a social life.

Concluding Remarks
You and I can be inventors if we want to. All we have to do is adopt the above characteristics and greatness is guaranteed.

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