Don’t Let the Society’s Idea of Success Drive You Crazy

Don’t Let the Society’s Idea of Success Drive You Crazy

Last Updated on June 25, 2023 by The Unbounded Thinker

 ‘I desire a good life for my family, but that does not have to include a range of cars, a yacht in every port or another million.’ – Philip Gardiner

According to modern society, a successful individual is a person who has a lot of money, mansions, flashy cars, and yachts. Most of us strive to live by this idea, and for this reason, we are stressed because this type of success always seems far away.

We borrow money to buy trendy stuff so that we live by this modern idea of success. We then notice that these things do not improve our physical or mental well-being and we succumb to depression after realizing that we’ve gotten into debt because we tried to live by this idea of success.

The sad thing is that most of us think we are unworthy because we are not materially successful. We also think constantly about the possibility of future success or failure and we worry whether we’ll achieve material success.

We should discard the modern idea of success and prevent it from governing our lives and driving us crazy by realizing that it’s just an idea founded on the illusion of materialism.

A long time ago, people were not obsessed with material success. They mainly focused on providing for their families, cultivating morality, accessing spiritual dimensions, understanding the universe, and building a relationship with the Creator. No one focused on becoming more materially successful than their neighbor.

Therefore, the idea that a person’s worth is determined by material success is modern, and it should not drive you crazy. We were not created in a magical, beautiful world to become obsessed with material possessions. Instead, we were created to understand, discover, and utilize our God-given talents.

We should stop trying to live by an idea of material success that was created by capitalists to encourage us to buy their products and work for them.

Instead, we should let our hearts guide us to our best life and we should avoid thinking that we are crazy when our goals don’t align with modern society’s idea of success.

We should do what fulfils us and discard this idea of success because it results in ungratefulness, too much focus on the future, and it might eventually drive us crazy.


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