Top 6 Reasons Most People Can’t Persevere on the Journey to Success

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Perseverance is the ability to work persistently towards one’s goals despite facing difficulties.

After studying successful people for five years, I realized that they all persevered since they never gave up despite facing obstacles. Nothing stopped them from working towards their dreams.

Besides successful people, we can also persevere, but most of us can’t because of the following reasons.

1.People Don’t Study Success

Studying success enlightens you that difficulties, failure, or discouragement are part of the journey. Therefore, it encourages you to keep working on your dreams despite facing obstacles. Studying also enlightens you that only those who persevere succeed; hence, motivating you to persevere.

2.The Lack of Self-Confidence

Most people can’t persevere because they lack self-confidence. They doubt their abilities and skills and give up easily when they face obstacles.

Successful people persevered because they believed in themselves. They believed they will overcome obstacles, and this belief enabled them to work towards their dreams even when they faced difficulties.

3.The Myth of Overnight Success

The myth of overnight success has made aspirers believe that success arrives soon after they start working towards it. For this reason, most aspirers give up when they realize that they’ll have to work for a long period and overcome several difficulties before success arrives.

4.People focus on the Outcome

Most people can’t persevere because they focus on the outcome. It’s hard to persevere when you focus on the results because it might take long to get the results we expect. People who persevere focus on the process instead of the results. They know they’ll get the results they want if they forget about them and work.

5.The Lack of Passion

People who hate their work seldom persevere because they focus on results and misinterpret difficulties. They easily get bored with their work, making it difficult to work when they face obstacles. Conversely, passionate people persevere because they are obsessed with their work and perceive difficulty as a chance for growth.

6.Focusing on the Possibility of Failure

Focusing on the possibility of failure prevents people from persevering because it discourages them from working towards their goals when they face difficulties.

Most successful people focused on success: they believed they’ll succeed no matter what, and this belief motivated them to continue working in spite of discouragement.


It’s easier for people to work towards their goals when everything is going well. However, most people get discouraged when the going gets tough. The ability to work when the going gets tough is what sets successful people apart. We must, therefore, master the art of perseverance.

If you don’t give up you can’t fail.’ – Menna Vaan Praag, Successful Author

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  1. It took me ten years.Issac It wasn’t a linear process though. Many obstacles and set backs, nothing to do with the business itself. Every time I had to course correct I never thought ” Oh I’ve got to start over” instead my attitude was ” I’ve done so much work already I’m just picking up where I left off!

  2. Too true. Today success is not optional. Bow I’ve got people depending on me. When I don’t believe in myself, I believe in them.

  3. Focusing on the outcome and not the process is a real problem for many people. As you say, results take time. Sometimes you just have to do the work and be patient.