5 Powerful Reasons Why Passion is a Key to Success

5 Powerful Reasons Why Passion is a Key to Success

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‘People say you have to have a lot of passion for what you are doing and it’s totally true.’ – Steve Jobs

I once believed that we don’t need passion to succeed. However, when I started blogging, I realized that passion is a key to success. I noticed that my passion for blogging made me write articles consistently.

Besides this, my research on successful people enlightened me that they are passionate about their jobs. They work 24/7 because they enjoy and love their work.

These findings forced me to think deeply about the relationship between passion and success, enabling me to realize the following about passion.


1.Makes it Hard for You to Give Up

It will be hard to give up when you are passionate about your work because you won’t care about the results. You’ll only care about doing your thing, and you’ll do it even when you don’t get the desired results. For instance, if you love singing, you’ll continue singing even when you only have 5 views on Youtube.

2.Makes You a Hard Worker

Passion makes you work more hours as it fuels an obsession with your work. The great love for your work will make you want to work whenever you find time. Furthermore, when you are passionate, you’ll work long hours as you won’t be able to tell the difference between work and play. For you, working will be playing.

3.Changes Your Attitudes Towards Difficulties

People who aren’t passionate about their jobs have a negative attitude towards obstacles. They either see them as threats or messages from the universe that they’ll never succeed.

Passionate people perceive obstacles as an opportunity for growth. They are always eager to overcome them, and they believe they’ll become better at their craft after overcoming obstacles.

4.Prevents You From Wasting Time

If you pursue what you love, you’ll find yourself obsessed with your work due to the excitement it brings. For this reason, you’ll want to spend most of your time working, and you’ll avoid wasting time on meaningless activities.

Being obsessed will also ensure that you allocate your time in a purposeful manner so that you focus more on your work. You’ll realize that time is a limited resource and you’ll ensure that all your activities align with your passion so that you channel your energy to that which brings you closer to your aspirations.

5.Increases Focus

Passion leads to obsession, which breeds focus, which increases the quality of your work as it makes you more skilled and knowledgeable. Focus also leads to consistency, increasing your chances of succeeding.

Passion allows you to tap into your infinite power source, enabling you to focus for long periods of time. You become fully immersed in your tasks, achieving the flow state. Nothing, including noise, can distract you when you are in the flow state, resulting in extreme focus, which is a major key to success.


People who don’t like their jobs mostly focus on getting things done, making it difficult for them to succeed. They never reach great heights because they lack motivation to improve their skills. Conversely, passionate people have high chances of succeeding since passion increases focus, motivates them to work hard, and changes their attitude towards difficulties. And, lastly, it makes them want to work all the time, and as a result, they avoid time wasting activities.

You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” – Steve Jobs.

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