5 Wonderful Things That Happen When You Quit Drugs

Last Updated on September 17, 2022 by The Unbounded Thinker

I’ve been a drug addict for more than 6 years.

Since 2011, I have drank alcohol and smoked weed every day.

I succumbed to addictive substances because they helped me forget all my problems for a while. The more problems I had, the more I drank and smoked. This behavior persisted till it reached a point where my addictions affected my health.

The health issues forced me to quit because I treasure my health. I also knew that health problems could prevent me from succeeding in life.

After quitting drugs, 5 wonderful things happened to me.

1.I had more time to focus on important matters

After quitting drugs I realized that I had enough time to focus on things that enabled me to make progress in life. Notably, I had more time for reading self-development books and watching informative videos on YouTube. I also had more time for assessing myself and determining what was preventing me from making progress. When I was a drug addict, I never had the time to do so because I always wanted to get intoxicated with my fake friends.

2.I saved lots of money

After quitting, it dawned on me that I always wasted a lot of money on addictive substances. I always spent whatever I had on drinking and smoking.

3.I made good friends

When I quit drugs I realized that I associated with people who were only happy when I spent my money on drugs. I reflected on how my friends became angry whenever I spent less money on alcohol since they wanted me to spend more.

After quitting, I got the opportunity to dump all my drug-addict friends and I made friends with people who loved to see my progress.

4.I invested in myself

My drug addiction made me neglect myself. I never cared about my appearance because I only cared about ‘getting high.’ After quitting, I cared about my health and appearance: I embraced healthy foods and bought nice clothes.

5.People respected me

I noticed that many people including my parents started respecting me when they realized that I quit drugs.

It then dawned on me that many people look down upon drug addicts because they associate addicts with failures and criminals. Most people respect you when you stop using drugs because they start perceiving you as a well-behaved and focused individual.

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