6 Outstanding Lessons I Have Learned About Prayer from Robert Collier’s Book: ‘PRAYER WORKS.’

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Robert Collier (1885 – 1950) was one of the best American authors of the self-help industry. He primarily wrote about desire, the psychology of wealth, and confidence. Some of his books sold more than 200,000 copies, and today he is still respected for his expertise in the self-help industry.

I’ve read his books, and I fell in love with the book, PRAYER WORKS, because in the book, Robert explains how people can use the POWER OF PRAYER to fulfill their innermost desires. In today’s article, I’ll explain 6 interesting points about prayer I learned from the book.

  1. We Don’t Receive the Answers to Our Prayers because we Never Accept Them.

According to Robert, people who pray for a long time but still don’t get answers often fail to accept the answers.

Acceptance means doing the things you could do if your prayer was answered. For example, if you pray for rainfall, you accept the answer if you leave your house with an umbrella even if it’s still hot and sunny. Or, if you pray for money, you immediately stop worrying about the lack of money, and you act rich because you know that the money you asked for, is on its way to your bank account.

  1. We Should Always Pray Early in the Morning

Robert believes prayer must be done in the morning because the morning-prayer blesses the whole day. Besides this, he writes that morning prayers provide the strength needed to deal with whatever life offers during the day.

  1. What You Pray for Already Exists in the Spiritual World

Robert Collier claims that what we pray for already exists in the spiritual world. Hard work, prayer, and faith materialize it.

  1. Prayer is Mental Medicine

Robert teaches that sincere prayer frees the mind from stress because it makes us hopeful.  He teaches that prayer destroys the mental poisons of hate, jealousy, worry, and fear because it creates a positive perception towards life.

  1. Prayer Results in Right Decision Making

According to Robert, prayer enables us to make the right decision at the right time because it releases divine energy, suppressed thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

  1. There is no Right Place or Posture for Prayer

Lastly, Robert writes that we can pray anywhere we want using any posture. Therefore, there is no right place or posture for prayer.

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