6 Incredible Features of the Wright Brothers That Enabled them to Successfully Fly a Plane

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The Wright Brothers, Orville (1871-1948) and Wilbur (1867 -1912), are famous for flying the first plane. Before studying them, I believed they were extraordinary folks. However, after conducting an extensive study on the two brothers, I realized they were ordinary people who appeared extraordinary because they possessed the following features.

The Wright Brothers: –

  1. Were Voracious Readers

The Wright brothers loved reading books. They read all sorts of books, including engineering books, ancient books, and autobiographies of great inventors.

Reading seemed to have contributed to the invention of the plane because reading boosts imagination and creativity. It also enabled the Wright brothers to know where other people who tried to invent the airplane failed.

  1. Were Passionate About the Concept of Flying

The Wright brothers were obsessed with flight. They read every book about flight, and most of their conversations were about flight.

  1. Never Gave Up

The Wright brothers never gave up even though most of their attempts to fly failed. People don’t know that most of their planes crashed before they created the plane that flew successfully in 1903.

  1. Were Risk-Takers

The Wright brothers risked death because they sometimes crash-landed while flying.

Besides, they attempted to fly despite knowing that many people had died while trying to fly a plane. The Wright Brothers didn’t care: they were bold enough to risk their lives.

  1. Believed in the Impossible

Flying appeared to be delusional during the 19th century because many people had died while trying to fly. People had already given up on the idea that human beings could fly. However, the Wright brothers believed in the impossible: they believed flight was possible, and they eventually flew.

  1. Ignored the Naysayers

Many people told the Wright Brothers that they would never fly a plane because it was unrealistic for a heavy metal with a person in it to fly. Even physicians argued that metal was heavier than air, and therefore, it was impossible to fly a plane. However, the Wright Brothers ignored all the naysayers and focused on their goal.

Concluding Remarks

I wrote this piece because I wanted you to know that successful people are not extraordinary people as we always believe. They just did what many people don’t do: they were persistent, they never gave up, they always read books, they believed in the impossible, they were massive risk-takers, and they didn’t care about other people’s opinions.


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