7 Incredible Lessons From Maximum Achievement By Brian Tracy

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Brian Tracy’s Maximum Achievement is a marvelous book that provides extensive information on how to live a happier, healthier, and prosperous life. The book makes readers positive and self-confident. As well, it helps them tap into their inner power and become successful in their careers. You must read the book if you want to believe in the achievement of Great things. I finished reading it, and here are seven incredible lessons I learned from it.

  1. You Must Be Clear On What You Want

Brian Tracy believes you only succeed when you get clear on your desires because knowing what you want awakens the power within you.

  1. How To Experience Peace of Mind

Brian Tracy teaches that you find peace of mind when you free yourself from negative energy by avoiding negative films and people.

  1. Life Happens in Accordance With What You Expect

‘Whatever you expect with confidence becomes your own self-fulfilling prophecy.’ – Brian Tracy

A large percentage of successful folks often expect positive things. They expect life to be good, and for this reason, they are rarely frustrated because most of the time, life is always good for them.

  1. Four Elements of Visualization that Determine the Rate at Which You Will Attract What You Want.

Frequency – Individuals who attract their desires visualize them continuously.

Vividness – Your must clearly visualize every detail of your ideal future.

Intensity – To quickly attract your ideal life, you must accompany your mental pictures with positive emotions.

Duration –The longer you visualize your ideal future, the quicker you attract it.

  1. Believe Nothing Can Stop You

All great men believed they could overcome any hardship, and this belief awakened a power within them that helped them reach great levels of success. Believing that nothing can stop you enables you to achieve great things because a strong belief breeds faith that pushes you in the direction of your dreams.

  1. Think About What You Could Have Done if you Feared Nothing

If you take time to think about what you could have accomplished if you were never afraid, you’ll realize that fear has blocked you from taking risks, exploiting opportunities, and living your life’s purpose. Therefore, you could have accomplished many things if you overcame the fear of failure, the fear of making mistakes, and the fear of other people’s opinions.

  1. Four Main Keys to Personal Achievement
  • Accept yourself – Appreciate your successes, special qualities, and talents.
  • Accept complete responsibility for your life – Accept that you are responsible for where you are today. Don’t blame people for your current life circumstances, and avoid making excuses.
  • Set big goals – Big goals increase your self-esteem and self-image.
  • Be physically fit and healthy – Taking care of your physical health boosts self-love and self-respect.


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