7 Things We Must Stop Doing If We Want to be Happy

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We all want to be happy because happiness is a wonderful emotion. However, we seldom find happiness because we constantly do things that steal our happiness. Some people are conscious of these things, while most of us aren’t.

This article strives to increase your happiness levels by listing the seven major things we must stop doing if we want to be happier.

1.Living Up to the Society’s Expectations

We love living up to the society’s expectations, and we become unhappy when we are in a position that prevents us from aligning with what the society wants. Living up to the society’s expectations also makes us unhappy by preventing authenticity.

2.Overanalyzing the Future

Overanalyzing the future by trying to know all possibilities steals our happiness because it results in anxiety. We also worry about the things that can go wrong, even when they are beyond our control.

3.Wanting What Others Have

Most of us are addicted to wanting what celebrities, politicians and our Facebook friends have. We think we’ll live happier lives if we obtain what these people have. Little do we know that wanting what others have causes unhappiness because it results in envy and makes us feel inadequate. 

4.Watching the News

The News makes us over-focus on the negative part of life by showing us how other people are suffering. It makes us worry about things we can’t influence.

5.Forcing People to Behave the Way We Want

We become frustrated when we force people to behave the way we want because we can’t control their environment, thoughts, and everything that affects their behavior. I stopped forcing my friends and siblings to behave the way I want, and I strived to accept their behavior after realizing that my efforts often resulted in anger and disappointment, which eventually made me unhappy.

6.Overfocusing on our possessions

When we overfocus on our possessions we become anxious when we think about the possibility of losing them and how we’ll replace them.

7.Holding Grudges

‘Anger, resentment, and hatred are poisons that you drink, and you expect somebody else to die.’ –Sadhguru, Indian Mystic

Holding a grudge against someone makes us unhappy because it leads to negative emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, and resentment. It makes us dwell on bad feelings or the events that led to the grudge. It also prevents us from enjoying the present moment by making us focus on how we’ll get back at those who hurt us.


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  1. Well said……..
    I would like to add dragging our past to our present life also Robes us of our happiness.