9 Key Take-Aways from Tony Robbin’s Book: Awaken the Giant Within

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Tony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within, is an amazing book with reliable guidelines to help you take control of your life.

It’s one of the best personal development books, and reading it encourages you to set big goals. You’ll believe everything is possible after reading the book. Here are a few lessons from the book that I would love to share with you.

1.Everyone is Unique

Tony Robbins believes we all have unique gifts. These gifts lie within us, and we can awaken them if we want to. He trusts that The Creator usually provides us with opportunities that enable us to exploit our gifts.

2. How to Create Long Lasting Change

Raise your standards – Pinpoint the things in your life that you’ll no longer accept, and identify what you want to become.

Change your limiting beliefs – Eliminate limiting beliefs and create an empowering belief system

Change your strategy – Adopt the best strategies that will guarantee results.

3.The Three Main Decisions that Affect your Destiny

  • The decisions about the things you concentrate on
  • The decisions concerning the things that matter to you.
  • The decisions concerning what to do to create the future you want

4. To Succeed, you Must Focus on the Long-Term

According to Tony Robbins, many people give up on their dreams because they focus on the short-term: they want to achieve overnight success. Little do they know that focusing on the long-term enables one to persevere: hence, increasing the chances of success.

Those who succeed take massive action today and expect to enjoy success after a long period.

5. You Attract Success By Modelling The Lives of Successful People

The surest way to achieve success is by doing what successful people do. You must pinpoint a successful individual in your field and know what makes him successful. Adopt the beliefs, strategies, and behavior that make the person successful, and soon you’ll also succeed.

6.How to Change a Bad Habit and Adopt a New One

Most of us have given up changing bad habits because we often fall back into them.

The best way to change a bad habit, according to Tony Robbins, is to associate bad things with the poor habit and good things with a good one. For instance, if you are a smoker, associate smoking with lifestyle diseases, and think about the money you’ll save and how healthy you’ll become if you quit smoking.

7. Your Brain Has The Answers to All Your Questions

Your brain has answers to all your questions, and for this reason, you must practice asking it questions. It might not provide an answer immediately, but with patience and persistence, it will eventually provide the right answer.

In the book, Tony Robbins narrates a story of a man who escaped The Nazi Concentration Camps because he constantly asked himself how he would escape. After questioning for a while, he finally realized that he could escape by hiding in rotten bodies that the Germans dumped in an open grave.

8. Learn to Use Your Emotions

Learn to make your emotions work for you. Never suppress or ignore your emotions. Instead, check what they are trying to tell you. Both negative and positive emotions can help you know the actions you must take to reach your goals.

9How to Create Long-Lasting Change

Make the need to change a ‘MUST,’ not a ‘should’ or a ‘could’, because you’ll commit to changing, if the need becomes a ‘MUST.’

Secondly, realize that you are responsible for making the change and things will not change if you don’t change.

Thirdly, believe you can bring the change you want.


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